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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

CrowdPharm Heralds A New Era For Healthcare Marketing

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Agency Veterans Launch a New Strategic and Creative Agency Model 

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – In a world filled with healthcare agencies all playing from the same playbook, comes a new player that offers a refreshing flexibility, responsiveness, and affordability. And, an abundance of talent. Welcome to CrowdPharm.

CrowdPharm is a new agency model for healthcare marketing designed specifically for clients who are not satisfied with the status quo of legacy agency model service. With a unique spin on crowdsourcing, CrowdPharm delivers fresh and relevant perspectives, solutions on brand strategy, multichannel campaigns, websites, digital, tradeshow displays, and sales materials. The agency works with vetted talent around the world – literally on every continent, save one, Antarctica. The global network has been built to cover the spectrum of marketing disciplines: strategy, planning, copywriting, art and creative direction, production, social media, digital,
editorial, and more.

“We are building one of the world’s largest networks of strategic and creative professionals devoted to healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical marketing and advertising,” said Mike Myers, co-founder of CrowdPharm. “The work we’ve sourced is innovative and truly exciting. And, clients are blown away with the efficiencies.”

CrowdPharm has the capacity to develop more original strategic and creative solutions than any legacy agency. With professionals working across time zones, the agency delivers strategic and creative solutions faster. Clients searching for compelling, original thinking that sets their brands apart benefit greatly from this new model.

“Clients pay for what they need and when they need it. Every marketing dollar is at work for them. Our on-demand model is more efficient and cost effective for our clients,” said Steve Bernstein, co-founder of CrowdPharm. “Our typical turn around time is between 3-10 days. This is a new world model designed to make every marketing dollar work harder, smarter, and faster, without sacrificing quality.”

With industry veterans at the helm, clients are assured that quality is still the number one priority. CrowdPharm’s network is overseen by proven creative and strategic leadership specifically charged with managing client engagement and work output. Consistency with brands across assignments is ensured through full-time personnel.

Myers and Bernstein know that this business model change is driven by technology that is connecting and engaging the world faster than ever before. With clients less willing to pay retainers, and with more brands bringing strategic and creative disciplines in-house, the market is ripe for re-thinking the status quo and inventing a new model.

“Are there legacy agencies that are doing it right? Yes, of course. Do these legacy agencies have happy clients? Of course they do,” said Myers. “But there appears to be some exhaustion around the typical AOR model of filling a building with talent and then fighting to keep them billable. CrowdPharm offers a different solution, one that is flexible, cost effective and delivers high quality work. Fast.”

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CrowdPharm is a premier healthcare marketing agency. With a unique spin on crowdsourcing, CrowdPharm offers access to one of the worlds largest global networks of vetted strategic and creative talent devoted to healthcare marketing. Spanning six continents, network members work across time zones to deliver original strategic and creative solutions faster – giving clients more for their money. Like us/Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Mike Myers
Co-Founder, CrowdPharm
Founder and CEO, Cross & Wild

Mike is Founder and CEO of Cross & Wild, and President and Founder of Gamut Squared an independent consultancy with expertise in senior level strategy focused on marketing communications and corporate/brand strategy.

Previously, Mike was president and a founder of Palio. During Mike’s tenure, the firm grew from a handful of card tables above an Eddie Bauer in Saratoga Springs, NY, to a $40MM+ global agency recognized as an innovative leader in the advertising community.

Mike is a frequent resource to regional and national media on topics ranging from building agency/client relationships, healthcare marketing, emerging/social media, talent management, business culture, and DTC advertising. He has also been a guest lecturer at several colleges and universities, and served as an adjunct professor in the MBA program at the City University of New York-Baruch Campus.

He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BSBA degree from the University of Arizona. He lives in Saratoga Springs, NY, with his wife, 3 children, and 2 dogs.

Steve Bernstein
Co-founder, CrowdPharm
President, Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Inc.

Steve Bernstein is President of Bernstein-Rein Advertising, Inc., one of the largest independent U.S. advertising agencies. Founded in 1964, Bernstein-Rein has helped to build some of the world’s best-known brands for clients such as
Wal-Mart, Blockbuster and McDonald’s

Steve is a respected industry thought leader in areas such as agency management issues and emerging marketing trends.

Steve actively serves on the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) board of trustees; The Children’s Place and the University of Arizona Alumni Association; and is a member of the Native Sons & Daughters of Greater Kansas City and The Civic Council of Greater Kansas City.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business and public administration from the University of Arizona, and MBA and JD degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He lives in Kansas City, MO, with his wife and 4 children.

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Mike Myers

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