CrowdPharm launches Hot Iron Health

Hot Iron Health

CrowdPharm launches Hot Iron Health

KANSAS CITY, MO—September 16, 2022—CrowdPharm, a full-service agency with the largest network of global talent in healthcare, announces the launch of a strategic healthcare firm, Hot Iron Health. The firm offers comprehensive strategic expertise for brand-building optimization and communication to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and animal health industries.

“Healthcare companies consistently look to outside experts to help them achieve commercial market success,” said Steve Bernstein, Partner, CrowdPharm. “Hot Iron Health works and lives in this space, assisting clients and their brands as they strategically navigate the inherent challenges brands in healthcare face today.” Hot Iron Health brings brand managers insight through competitive response and simulation efforts, opportunity exploration and evaluation, strategic consultation, and general thought leadership.

Mike Myers, CrowdPharm

Mike Myers, managing director and partner, CrowdPharm

“Hot Iron Health is laser-focused on ensuring that clients can maximize brand success through smart work and engagement,” said Mike Myers, Managing Director and Partner, CrowdPharm. The firm delivers clients strategic insights, planning, and leadership that will help them as they drive brand success throughout the stages of a brand’s life cycle.

“We’ve been talking to clients about Hot Iron Health for months now and were not planning to officially launch until 2023,” said Myers, who will lead the firm’s efforts. “But with a few clients already engaged with the firm’s services, we have accelerated our timeline.” Hot Iron Health is a sister company to CrowdPharm and seamlessly integrates with the agency’s capabilities and services, including having access to CrowdPharm’s global talent network.

About HIH

Hot Iron Health is an independent healthcare strategy firm specializing in brand building and optimization. The firm’s client-focused approach delivers customized strategies that drive brand performance and accelerate brand success for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and animal health clients. Visit

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CrowdPharm is an independent full-service agency led by industry veterans and fueled by the largest network of global healthcare talent anywhere. Innovative technology enables the agency to deliver an abundance of original strategic and creative solutions and provide a flexible force of talent with experience that spans startups, orphan products, blockbusters, and primary care. With 4,700+ members across 110+ countries, the agency is ready to develop compelling brand communications in healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical marketing for pharmaceutical and biopharma companies. Visit