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Account wins 7
Active business clients 15

Brands by 2021 sales
Brand-product accounts held 32
$25 million or less 4
$50 million-$100 million 3
$100 million-$500 million 8
$500 million-$1 billion 8
$1 billion or more 4
Products not yet approved/launched 5


Services Mix

Professional advertising 40%
DTP 25%
Digital across HCP & patient 25%
Social across HCP & patient 10%


Novartis needed to change the conversation in high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (HR-MDS). That’s because the role of immune dysfunction emerged as a key driver of disease, with a cellular target called TIM-3 causing immune system issues. This left patients vulnerable to poor outcomes, including progression to AML. So, the idea of “Immune System Crash” was born. Novartis developed this new disease awareness campaign to alert the MDS community to this “Glitch” in the immune system and educate them about an exciting new possibility in disease management: an immuno-myeloid approach.

Client Roster

Aldeyra Therapeutics
Taysha Gene Therapies
Y-mAbs Therapeutics



After a year of what agency leaders describe as “remarkable” 15 percent growth in 2020, DDB Health successfully managed that growth in 2021 by adding a diverse group of 46 new individuals to the talent pool. DDB Health executives say the agency maintained its people-first mentality and commitment to its core values to ensure continued long-term success. “The agency lived by its mantra: ‘Dare to Do Boldly…because health can’t wait,’” management says. “The courageous call to action aligns the agency in their focus, driving consistent expectations for employees and work.”

Recent Accomplishments

It’s been another productive year for DDB Health,” according to management, as in 2021 the agency added six new clients to the roster. New relationships were forged with AstraZeneca, Idorsia, Merck, Taysha Gene Therapies, Pfizer, and Aldeyra. The new business assignments range from innovative, category-shaping oncology treatments to gene therapies to general medicine blockbusters.

“Our pie is more diversified than ever,” says President and CEO Jennie Fischette. “We remain devoted to our long-standing clients but are thrilled to add six new clients to the agency. Historically we have been very successful in growing organically. This past year we did that with our Novartis business and added exciting partnerships.”

In addition to pitching, the agency launched five new brands in 2021. “Every omnichannel campaign we launched this year has a unique creative story of its own,” says Executive Creative Director Michael Schreiber. “Our creative department was bold, collaborative, dedicated to the craft, and greatly supported by our account and strategy partners. It was an incredible team effort.”

Schreiber adds that he’s proud of the continued tight bonds among agency colleagues, saying, “Maintaining connection and culture through the pandemic has become more of an opportunity for innovation than a challenge. We’ve become a very flexible, hybrid agency and it’s opened many exciting possibilities for the future.”

Structure and services

Some of the 46 new hires in 2021 are senior leaders who bring diverse expertise to the agency. DDB Health made major advancements in its omnichannel capabilities. “We are 100 percent invested in data-driven, customer-centric engagements,” says Director of Strategic Services Eileen Yaralian. “In 2021, we focused our senior-level strategic hires on building out our engagement strategy, experience planning, and analytics capabilities.”

The agency has added Senior VP, Group Strategy Director Eric Cale and Senior VP, Director of Experience Ali Hussey to its senior strategic ranks. “We now have the top talent and depth it takes to execute connected, dynamic, and behavior-changing brand experiences,” Yaralian says.

Fischette, who was named CEO this past year, oversees the greater DDB Health network in addition to being president of the flagship New York agency. DDB Health regularly leverages expert partners inside and outside the network when a specialty service or collaboration can enhance a deliverable. “We have over 200 offices worldwide with DDB Health flagships in France, Germany, London, and Barcelona,” Fischette says. “Bold work often comes from bold collaborations.”

Future Plans

2022 is shaping up to be another big growth year for DDB Health, according to agency managers, and they plan to devote resources to help support additional advancements in high-science categories and areas of high unmet need. “By the end of the year we will have a second office in North America,” Fischette says. “This will ensure the team can continue to serve important disease areas, free of conflict.” It is a big, bold step for the agency they are thrilled to take on.

No matter how large the agency grows or the geography of its offices, the key priorities will be united and clear, the leadership team says. “Preservation of culture, dedication to inclusivity, and pushing executional excellence are paramount,” agency executives say, adding that DDB Health is well-known for its strong culture and work/life integration policies.

“The agency is always focused on its people and, collectively, they will continue to push and grow their talent,” DDB Health executives say.

As part of that push, the agency puts great emphasis on training and development. Over the year the agency took part in almost 2,000 hours of training. On average, every employee spent two days taking courses. “We emphasized oncology, rare disease, and management training because we want to ensure that we focus on the needs of our employees not just today, but in the future,” Fischette says.


For the fourth consecutive year, the agency continued its tradition of “6 Weeks of Giving.” “We support the causes that mean the most to our people and the industry,” Fischette says.

DDB Health focused efforts on everything from mental health initiatives to pet health. The agency reprioritized food insecurity. Nearly 50 percent of Americans feel they can’t afford to provide a nutritious meal for their families. And with the pandemic continuing for a second year, the agency felt this urgent and basic health need of the community couldn’t wait. DDB Health partnered with Getting Healthy to raise almost 1,000 pounds of food. “Every year, we dedicate ourselves to help meet the needs of the community that surrounds our employees,” Fischette says.

(left to right) Michael Schreiber, managing partner, executive creative director;
Jennie Fischette, CEO and president; Eileen Yaralian, managing partner, director of strategic services