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Quick facts


  • Account wins: 29
  • Active business clients: 104

Adherence, along with skin-specific protection, are the biggest barriers when safeguarding against the sun’s damaging effects. With its sheer blendability and the inclusion of 5 AOX Shield, Eucerin Sun Tinted Sensitive Mineral Face delivers enhanced daily protection for everyone under the sun — and the Beiersdorf and Deerfield team couldn’t be more proud of the campaign.

Brands by 2023 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 17

Services mix

  • Professional: 24%
  • Media (including social): 18%
  • Corporate communications: 14%
  • Consumer/DTP: 12%
  • Print management: 12%
  • Public relations: 6%
  • Market access: 5%
  • Promotional medical education: 5%
  • Digital and brand strategy (AI, data, analytics, UX): 4%

In the ever-changing environment of healthcare marketing, where competition is fierce and consumer expectations are constantly evolving, Deerfield stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence,” declares the leadership team. “With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional results and a passion for pushing the boundaries of agency models, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for healthcare organizations of all sizes, seeking to elevate their brands and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. With services spanning strategy and planning, public relations, creative, digital, media, print, analytics, and omnichannel marketing, Deerfield is the world’s first and only ‘Agency of Brand.’ From providing expert consultation and strategic execution to serving as a full agency of record, we were purpose-built to scale with the healthcare marketing industry and our clients.

“Founded on the belief that healthcare brands deserve marketing solutions that are as dynamic and forward-thinking as they are, Deerfield was born out of our founders’ recognition that the status quo wasn’t cutting it anymore. Our journey began with the mission to redefine the agency model and a small team of dedicated professionals who shared a vision of transforming healthcare marketing through innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. While we have previously flown under the radar, our work speaks for itself – and, recently, its voice has been loud. As a result, we have begun to emerge from our stealthy industry presence to share our stellar team, reputation, and ability to support clients with the rest of the world.”

“Since our inception, we have been committed to making quality healthcare marketing accessible for small to mid-size pharmaceutical brands, even in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide extraordinary work at an exceptional value. How do we do this? By making decisions that are guided by our company’s HEART, which is how we define our core values – human health, excellence, agility, relationships, and trust.”

Recent accomplishments

2023 was a “remarkable” year for Deerfield, according to agency leaders. Following the 2022 acquisition of Verge Scientific Communications, Deerfield Group LLC was formed “to accurately reflect and house our newly expanded capabilities and expertise.” Executives explain that Verge provides clients, especially early start-ups, with a “unique” marketing approach earlier in their brand’s life cycle through public relations and corporate communications. “Throughout last year, we worked diligently to complete the integration of our teams and processes to continue delivering ‘Agency of Brand’-quality work for both our current and future clients.”

Asset2it, the agency’s proprietary state-of-the-art sales enablement solution, was launched into the market. Managers describe Asset2it as an intuitive tool that allows sales and market access teams to transform standardized assets into personalized selling tools to meet the needs of every brand, healthcare professional, and market segment.

Designed to complement and integrate organizations’ current CRM platforms, Asset2it provides them with a centralized app that allows them to easily manage and share brand assets, optimize their marketing efforts, and enable more meaningful HCP engagements to drive better business outcomes, executives say.

“Imagine a world where every sales pitch is perfectly tailored, and every market trend is anticipated,” says Juan Vasquez, chief technology officer. “That’s the world Asset2it creates. It’s not just about staying ahead; it’s about setting the pace. Prepare to be thrilled by what your sales team can achieve with the right tools.”

According to the leadership team, Deerfield’s effort in the recent Eucerin Sun launch wasn’t just a commercial success, but also an award-winning one.

“We are honored to share that our marketing strategy successfully championed the unique value proposition of Eucerin Sun – enhanced sun protection with added skincare benefits for all skin types,” managers say. “As a result, our omnichannel campaign won both the PM360 Trailblazer Award for Professional Campaign (Gold) and the PM360 Pharma Choice Award for Professional Print Campaign (Bronze) in recognition of our continued partnership with Beiersdorf.”

Structure and services

What started as a print management company in 2014 soon evolved into more than just another healthcare marketing agency,” leaders state. “Founded with the goal of eliminating the unnecessary inefficiencies of the traditional agency model, Deerfield leads with an unbiased approach. This means we’ll become an extension of our client’s marketing team, including putting our experts on-site to deliver their knowledge in person, to provide smarter, faster, and more creative solutions with undeniable results. Thus, the world’s first and only ‘Agency of Brand’ was born.”

What does this mean for clients? “We do not have to do everything for you, but what we do for you means everything to us,” says Josh Benson, founding partner. “There is no job too small or too big. We approach every opportunity with the same purpose and passion to deliver for our clients.”

Executives say the agency’s solutions are designed to power clients’ brand stories of lifescience innovation at all stages of their life cycle. Agency services include pre- and post-launch strategy and planning, innovative creative, public relation digital solutions, and print management to sales enablement programs, media planning, next-gen analytics, and establishing an omnichannel marketing approach.

Future plans

Deerfield was built on the idea of unbiased collaboration, and that starts with us,” agency leaders state. “That’s why our future requires us to advance our ability to be a qualified agency partner that brings value to every table where we’ve been given a seat. This year, we’re doing just that by evolving our employee training programs through the launch of our new learning management system, ‘The Learning Lab.’ This focus is enhancing professional development and upskilling of our team members to better serve and deliver for our clients.”

According to managers, The Learning Lab’s educational presentations are designed to align internal employee trainings with the growing agency capabilities offered to clients.

Deerfield recently expanded its leadership team with Sam Cannizzaro as chief creative officer and Eric Steckelman as executive VP of business development. “In a world of shrinking and distracted engagement, brands must be interesting and tell compelling stories for people to stop and pay attention,” Cannizzaro says. “I call this creativity with a cause and purpose. If you can’t make anyone care about anything, no one will care about your brand. The power of storytelling will energize brands, ignite passion, create a following, and make people care.”


Deerfield has hosted a variety of wide-ranging community service events to support the health and wellness of multiple populations. These include cleaning up a public park to give local Conshohocken youth a safe place to play, making and donating colorful blankets to the Fleece and Thank You organization for children being treated in hospitals, as well as writing letters of appreciation to currently deployed military members through Operation Gratitude, and fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project.


(left to right) Joshua Benson, founding partner; Frank Burrell, managing partner; Paul Brown, founding partner; Amanda Sellers, partner; Lissette Steele, partner