Doceree launches Spark to ignite a new era in patient-provider engagement with advanced tech for EHR platforms, at HIMSS 2024 


Doceree launches Spark to ignite a new era in patient-provider engagement with advanced tech for EHR platforms, at HIMSS 2024 

PARSIPPANY, NJ –  March 12, 2024 – In a significant move to enhance provider messaging across Electronic Health Record (EHR), eRx, Telehealth, and other Point of Care (POC) platforms, Doceree has unveiled its revolutionary technology, Spark, today at HIMSS 2024. Engineered to empower providers in enhancing the quality of care and ultimately elevating patient outcomes, Spark leverages advanced patented technology, clinical data, and AI-triggers to seamlessly deliver clinically relevant communications within existing clinical workflows, in real-time.   

Leveraging Doceree’s patented triggers technology, the innovative suite of Spark uses advanced AI capabilities to tackle critical challenges within the healthcare domain, including patient affordability and drug adherence, patient recruitment in clinical trials, effective clinical messaging on pharmaceutical innovations.  

 It’s observed that in the United States many patients abandon their prescribed medications or disregard their healthcare providers’ advice due to high costs. Shockingly, one in four Americans find themselves unable to afford their necessary medications, with less than 10% utilizing available patient affordability programs supported by pharmaceutical manufacturers. These patterns are gradually impacting the fundamental pillars of the country’s value-based healthcare ecosystem, consequently undermining patient outcomes. 

Identifying this concern and the critical need to improve patient adherence to treatment regimens, Doceree introduced Spark. This innovative tool, through the easy, HIPPA compliant, privacy safe integration with EHR platforms triggers personalized messages inside the clinical workflow of EHR, thus enhancing patient-provider communication when it matters most. Adopted by leading health systems and EHR platforms, presently, Spark is making substantial strides in the United States, effectively engaging over 700,000 healthcare providers and 50+ platforms.  

Harshit Jain, MD, Founder & Global CEO, Doceree, said, “We are excited to introduce Spark, powered by Doceree, a game-changer in targeted healthcare messaging. By enabling real-time, clinically triggered messages to providers during precise moments of care, we are not just improving communication on POC platforms, we are transforming patient care. The launch of Spark embodies our commitment to innovation and our belief that advanced healthcare marketing technology can significantly improve patient outcomes.” 

Vijay Adapala, EVP-Global Supply Partnership, Doceree, added, “This launch represents a significant leap forward in our mission to enhance healthcare engagement. Each feature of the platform is designed to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry, ensuring that providers can deliver the best possible care to their patients efficiently and ease. This is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our vision for a more connected healthcare future.” 

 The standout features of Spark equip it with a distinct competitive advantage, including: 

  • Real-time messaging: Enables instant provider-patient engagement through clinically relevant personalized messaging with Co-pay Spark, Drug Spark, Trial Spark, Rep Spark, Sample Spark. 

  • Patented, HIPPA compliant and Privacy safe technology: Utilizes advanced, patented technology, patient-led data, and ai-triggers to deliver personalized and meaningful healthcare messages 

  • Improved Patient Outcomes & HCP Engagement: Aims to enhance the quality of care and access to critical information that improves patient’s health outcomes. 

As Spark continues to make waves within the industry, Doceree remains dedicated to fostering innovation and supporting its EHR and other POC partners in delivering exceptional care amidst an evolving digital landscape. Learn more about Spark: 

About Doceree 

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