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Quick facts


  • Account wins: 13
  • Active business clients: 72
Inequality You Can't Ignore

Winner | Best Health Equity/Social Awareness Campaign
Finalist | Best Experiential Campaign
Finalist | Best Philanthropic Campaign

Brands by 2023 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 200+

Services mix

  • HCP: 51%
  • Consumer/patient: 40%
  • Market access stakeholder: 3%
  • Corporate: 3%
  • Enterprise: 2%

Client roster

  • Astellas
  • Corcept Therapeutics
  • Corium
  • Horizon Therapeutics
  • Macrogenics
  • Mayne Pharma
  • Seres Therapeutics
  • Urovant Sciences


  • Best Health Equity/Social Awareness Campaign


  • Best Experiential Campaign
  • Best Philanthropic Campaign

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, EVERSANA INTOUCH has been a fearless leader in healthcare and pharmaceutical advertising ever since its inception in 1999, according to agency leaders. “From its foundational roots, the agency boldly guided pharma brands into the digital and omnichannel world – decades earlier than most imagined possible,” executives say. “Focus then transitioned to building a creative, strategic, scientific, and media powerhouse. And today, as part of EVERSANA, we’ve elevated the impact the agency can deliver by expanding our commercial capabilities, global reach, and our big-tech partnerships to help ‘pharmatize AI.’   

“As the saying goes, ‘If you want to go far, go together,’ and 2023 saw EVERSANA INTOUCH acting the truth of this in ways big and small: developing world-class partnerships, scaling services across the globe, hiring industry leaders, and strengthening the quarter-century-old culture that’s kept us succeeding throughout our evolution from a start-up to a global agency network.” 

Recent accomplishments

EVERSANA INTOUCH experienced growth in key areas, namely among launch products and established commercial brands as a leading AOR and DAOR partner to large and mid-sized pharma, according to the leadership team. The agency led the launch of 17 pharma products, including three global launches. The majority of wins were secured within oncology, immunology, and rare disease therapeutic categories. Bridging from 2022 trends, growth momentum continues for franchises, first-commercial products, and in specialty roles across medical communications, market access, technology, and innovation.

Managers say this success was also achieved through several high-profile new partnerships, an ongoing commitment to employee development and a strong company culture, and “a slew” of award-winning new work and offerings.

As part of EVERSANA, a leading provider of commercialization services to the lifescience industry, the leadership team says EVERSANA INTOUCH was uniquely positioned in 2023 to deliver much-needed efficiencies and data-informed services to clients, “doing more with less” and shaping an urgent need to innovate in healthcare marketing, including the development of an Oncology Center of Excellence that leverages cross-functional commercial expertise to deliver solutions to clients.

“Like anything, though, this starts at home,” executives say. “So, in addition to achieving this for clients, this was also achieved by the agency network for itself, by automating repetitive tasks, accelerating processes, implementing new operating systems and collaborating across commercialization service lines to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. And it succeeded: 2023 seeing a 7.47 percent increase over 2022, reaching a revenue of $417 million.”

According to agency leaders, EVERSANA INTOUCH excels in delivering world-class solutions to clients by strategically partnering with industry leaders to provide the most effective and innovative answers. “By leveraging its continuously expanding expertise and collaborating with the best and brightest in tech, and recent alliances with Amazon and Adobe to pharmatize AI, exemplify our commitment to offering clients unparalleled solutions.”

In November, EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH announced the first of several new generative AI-based innovations in development with Amazon Web Services. The first addresses the time-consuming and error-prone process of medical and regulatory content approvals.

The organization has also begun work with Adobe Firefly for Enterprise in several ways, including the agency network’s employment of its generative AI across Adobe Creative Cloud applications for EVERSANA ORCHESTRATE, “our end-to-end omnichannel solution.”

“Additionally in 2023, we expanded our European operations and worldwide capabilities with the acquisition of Healthware Group, a conclusion of our long and successful partnership with the full-service agency and innovation consultancy with offices across Italy, Finland, and the United Kingdom.”

Executives claim in 2023, EVERSANA INTOUCH had 79 percent employee retention, compared with the national average of 70 percent. “We hired 191 new people, for a total head count of 1,619, and 22.5 percent of employees (368 people) were promoted.”

Learning and development drives growth and success for all agencies in the EVERSANA INTOUCH network, managers say, with both on-demand and instructor-led options. In addition, the agency network has a variety of unique career-development offerings.

This includes a set of programs that help train and select early-career employees, such as Marketing Coordinator Incubator, a program from which 16 new full-time marketing coordinators were hired in 2023. “Over nine months, students focus on skills related to submission-prep work and what it takes to work in account and project management, then they join a brand team to support their work,” executives say. “It also includes Copy School, from which six of 14 participants came on board full-time in 2023. When the network has junior editorial openings, Editorial School fulfills a similar mission.”

Additional initiatives include FUEL, an annual internal week-long educational conference, and FUEL Strategy Essentials, a new network-wide program established in 2023 to expand strategic skills and inspire best-in-class work. Leaders say more than 100 hours of training have been conducted for 250 people in strategic services roles, and in 2024, FUEL Discipline Essentials will roll out to include strategic planning, customer experience, and more.

“The people-first culture of EVERSANA INTOUCH is strengthened with a lively combination of in-person and virtual gatherings, both large and small,” executives say. “Our all-agency Virtual Vibes events saw more than 3,000 attendees across more than 125 events in 2023. Themed gatherings – both local and virtual – brought staff together to socialize dozens of times, as did smaller team-specific events. From  discos to potlucks, carnivals to arcades, employees had many ways to celebrate. Additionally, newly instituted Community Days help hybrid teams find a regular rhythm that builds camaraderie and connection.”

Agency leaders point to EVERSANA INTOUCH’s ongoing commitment to support DE&I, demographically and culturally. Currently, 25.2 percent of the agency network identify as BIPOC. “In 2023, a wide variety of both educational and celebratory activities made an impact. These included our Coffee Break Speaker Series, Educational & Inspirational Resources, and regular celebrations of events like Disability Employment Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and Black History Month.

“Many of these were started in the U.S., so it has also been important to reintroduce and widen employee resource groups across the agency and EVERSANA as a whole to provide global employees with increased connection and support. These include groups for employees who identify as female, Black, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi, LGBTQIA+, disabled, or early-career.”

Additionally, EVERSANA INTOUCH has demonstrated a multi-year commitment to The Chrysalis Initiative, an organization dedicated to disrupting outcomes in breast cancer treatment. The team produced a campaign and accompanying app, providing patients with mentoring and resource navigation, and equipping Black women with the knowledge they need to close the outcomes gap between Black and white women.

The agency also produced the Ticking Lyme-Bomb prototype app, helping to speed Lyme disease diagnosis in Black and brown patients.

In 2023 the agency garnered 55 award wins and recognitions across categories such as Social Responsibility/Awareness, Craft, Use of Data/Analytics, Philanthropy/Purpose-Driven, Health Equity, Use of Immersive Technology, and Health-Tech Innovation.

“Overall accolades say a great deal about whether a company is someplace where stellar work can happen,” agency leaders say. In 2023, this included EVERSANA’s recognition as a Great Place to Work (for the fifth time in the U.S., third in Canada and India, second in the United Kingdom and Singapore, and for the first year in Japan and Poland). EVERSANA INTOUCH was also given MM+M’s award as a top-five agency for the second straight year; ranked No. 2 in pharma agencies at Cannes; and received the London International Award’s announcement that EVERSANA INTOUCH was named the Global Independent Pharma Agency of the year.

LIA also recognized the agency network with one gold and two silver awards for its
direct-to-consumer creative work. Additionally, EVERSANA INTOUCH won five Clio Awards, and a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Structure and Services

EVERSANA INTOUCH is an “expanding” global presence in healthcare marketing with the 2023 acquisition of Healthware Group, a full-service global agency bringing capabilities to meet the geographic and market-based needs of clients across more than 30 countries, agency leaders say. “Additionally, EVERSANA INTOUCH is a seven-time pharma agency of the year winner, a great place to work for five consecutive years, and one of the top 20 most creatively awarded healthcare agencies. And, as part of the team of 7,000-plus EVERSANA employees worldwide, we no longer sound much like a start-up. Yet CEO Faruk Capan still approaches our business as one, to ensure we continually adapt, evolve, and grow. This explains our unique capacity for seeking and embracing change, our tenacity in taking on major challenges, and our commitment to innovation.”

EVERSANA INTOUCH provides full agency services from business strategy and brand building through omnichannel and tech transformation to content creation and delivery, all bolstered by media services, enterprise solutions, and data analytics globally through 10 affiliates, including EVERSANA INTOUCH Solutions, EVERSANA INTOUCH Proto, EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven, EVERSANA INTOUCH Engage, EVERSANA INTOUCH Oxygen, EVERSANA INTOUCH Media, EVERSANA INTOUCH Tech & Transformation, EVERSANA INTOUCH International, EVERSANA INTOUCH MedComm, and EVERSANA INTOUCH Market Access.

The EVERSANA ORCHESTRATE solution was launched in 2023 and according to the leadership team, it is the industry’s first end-to-end modular omnichannel model that drives patient and provider connectivity across multi-dimensional journeys.

“By using a combination of data and blended expertise across stakeholders, this approach shifts from crafting siloed omnichannel experiences to identifying ‘key moments of intersection’ and the associated needs that will ultimately motivate behavior change across audiences,” executives say. “It then orchestrates ‘next best experience’ through ‘activating commercialization services to simultaneously drive sales and patient outcomes’ using AI to aggregate and synthesize data, then predict and capitalize on brand opportunities.

“This solution provides visibility into marketing efforts and allows for appropriate investment of brand dollars, with the ultimate objective of delivering on impact and improved patient outcomes.” 

Another way EVERSANA INTOUCH is revolutionizing the pharma marketing experience, agency leaders say, “is by fusing the agency’s core digital ethos with relentless innovation to create a new way of working for content creation and delivery.

“Coupling advanced technology and modern tools, our approach leverages everything from atomic design to pharmatized AI, ensuring the agency’s place at the forefront of digital innovation. EVERSANA INTOUCH is crafting a new model of creative execution that’s ready now and for the challenges of the future, steering pharma advertising toward groundbreaking change and new industry standards.” 

Agency leaders highlight the “dozens” of AI workshops that have helped clients understand how to implement artificial intelligence to make measurable, realistic improvements in their work today. “Teams bring the latest use cases as inspiration, then guide cross-functional
teams to ideate solutions to their most pressing business challenges, resulting in
prototype-ready concept sketches and blueprints to provide a business case for further buy-in and development,” executives say. “Following the workshop, EVERSANA INTOUCH teams continue to serve as partners in innovation to chart the path forward, prototype, and bring concepts to market.”

Additionally, the agency rolled out the Campaign Bridge application, which provides automated workflows and data alignment across business units to increase efficiency and prevent quality issues. “Agencies can spend 3 percent to 9 percent of their time every quarter dealing with workflow challenges, and Campaign Bridge ensures that data are aligned and properly transferred among brand, media, tagging, trafficking, and warehouse functions,” executives say. “This ensures clients’ budgets are spent on strategy and activation, not connecting, or troubleshooting campaign data.” 

Future plans

What’s next for EVERSANA INTOUCH? What isn’t? ” agency leaders say. “Be on the watch for more technological ‘firsts’ that will continue to roll out in 2024 to transform the sophistication and personalization of lifescience marketing.

“As the only agency network integrated with a full-service commercialization company, we continue to ‘pharmatize AI’ and fuel data-driven thinking to make data-driven decisions, allowing clients to continue to benefit from new tools and processes that accelerate and improve what they’re able to offer patients, caregivers, HCPs, payers, and the public.

“EVERSANA INTOUCH will leverage its integration with EVERSANA to weave marketing even more thoroughly into the entire commercial life cycle of a brand. Our rapidly growing global client base will see us scaling geographically as well. 

“Our medical communications and market access specialty agencies are an area of particular focus for 2024, as these fields are particularly ripe for disruption and up-leveling.

“We’re future-proofing our people and our business so we can future-proof for our clients. The mission of EVERSANA INTOUCH is to be a creative business catalyst that drives measurable impact for our clients, their customers and, most importantly, patients. Client delight remains our North Star.”


EVERSANA INTOUCH is committed to doing good in our communities worldwide,” leaders say. “Our vision to create a healthier world for all continually guides these efforts, which come together in our philanthropy program, The Give Back. It includes three pillars: EVERSANA INTOUCH for Health, our commitment to supporting human and animal health causes our employees care most about; EVERSANA INTOUCH with the World, our avenue to support clients whose mission and vision we believe in, but who may have limited funds; and EVERSANA INTOUCH for Justice, our commitment to achieving social justice for all by supporting organizations that fight systemic racism.”

In 2023, The Give Back efforts included blood drives, community walks, and hygiene kit building events. EVERSANA INTOUCH was also recognized by Heart to Heart International for its aid in supporting a local community health clinic.

Faruk Capan, EVERSANA

Faruk Capan, CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH and chief innovation officer, EVERSANA