EVERSANA has launched a full-solution healthcare marketing agency. EVERSANA ENGAGE is uniquely designed to help pharma and biotech companies cohesively reach patients, payers and providers to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes. General Manager Seth Gordon and Chief Operating Officer Megan Jones lean in on the decision to launch EVERSANA ENGAGE, which combines EVERSANA’s market access, healthcare provider and patient-focused marketing services into a singular entity.

MedAdNews: What factors led to the decision to form EVERSANA ENGAGE?

The healthcare agency marketplace is growing, and the competition across all services is increasing –particularly in areas such as digital/technology, analytics, creative, and experience. Our clients are burdened by disconnected and siloed stakeholders craving meaningful connection and collaboration, and they are asking for a more holistic approach to solutions.

This is where patient-centered, value-based healthcare is going. The agency of the future has to be more agile and reflective of the client needs. This thinking is consistent with EVERSANA’s vision to be the leading life science services company accelerating the industry’s shift to patient-centered, value-based care – creating a healthier world for all. It was time to leverage and integrate our agency synergies and launch a next generation agency partner for the life sciences and biopharma market.

MedAdNews: What are some of the goals/expectations of EVERSANA ENGAGE in 2020/Year 1?

There has been much written about patients wanting to be more involved in their healthcare decision making. This has implications for how we communicate and work with patients, providers, and market access customers. We will continue to contribute to and build from EVERSANA’s global solutions platform to expand our abilities to create rich authentic patient experiences – in rare disease, hematology and oncology, and general medicine – that positively impact and provide value to patients’ therapeutic journeys.

Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that go beyond marketing to help them address industry challenges, such as pricing and channel distribution. We will deliver the evidence-based insights that help our clients succeed, as well as strategically providing solutions that are key to their commercial success – the ability to accelerate the clinical trial process, achieve high product economic value, build patient-centered program modeling that goes beyond traditional hub models, preemptively mitigate risk, and navigate the complexities of supply chains. With the ability to engage EVERSANA’s integrated commercial solutions, EVERSANA ENGAGE is uniquely positioned within the industry to help clients achieve operational and long-term commercial success.

And, we have a clear vision as it relates to our cultural beliefs. We will continue to align with and enhance all that we do with these guiding principles because they will help us all Win Together:
• Being Patient Minded in everything we do
• Elevate experiences that impact results and lead to Client Delight
• Grow Talent by increasing opportunities to invest in building skills
• Create an agile workforce ready to flex and Take Action by empowering others
• Own It by holding ourselves accountable for results
• Engage in transparent and thoughtful dialogue because Communication Matters

MedAdNews: How do you foresee EVERSANA ENGAGE impacting the industry’s market access space?

Our market access services are now integrated with patient engagement and healthcare provider marketing services. And our market access experts have a rich legacy in developing and delivering market access strategies to clients. Our dedicated payer strategy group – composed of payers, PharmDs and managed markets experts – reinforces for our clients our commitment to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies navigate the complexities and competitive forces of today’s marketplace. By focusing on the healthcare landscape and the trends impacting payers, we bring an enhanced understanding of marketplace dynamics that allows us to proactively deliver solutions that ensure patients have the life-saving therapies they need–when, and where they need them.

By integrating our market access, patient engagement, and healthcare provider insights, we provide a seamless full-service solution to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. We have the ability to engage EVERSANA’s integrated global solutions to help clients achieve operational and long-term commercial success.

MedAdNews: Please discuss the role of some of the new agency’s core market countries and business activities outside of the U.S.

Worldwide, EVERSANA has more than 2,000 employees working from 25 locations, including offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2019, EVERSANA announced the rapid expansion of its Asia-Pacific business with the addition of new offices (Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo) to drive the company’s growth and ensure client delight. EVERSANA offers a fully integrated and independent commercial services platform designed to solve patient support, distribution, field force, compliance and marketing challenges in the life science sector. As the Asia-Pacific market continues to grow, there is an increased need for global solution capabilities for companies headquartered in the area or aiming to expand in the region, as well as US and European headquartered companies looking to bring solutions to the APAC markets. 2020 will see a rapid building of EVERSANA’s global brand.