Evoke launches audience intelligence offering to unlock full commercial potential of life sciences brands


Evoke launches audience intelligence offering to unlock full commercial potential of life sciences brands

New York, NY, August 15, 2023 – Today, Evoke, an Inizio company and leading global health and life sciences brand, experience, and communications platform, unveiled its advanced audience intelligence offering, purpose-built for the needs of life sciences and pharma clients. These innovative data solutions are designed to enhance the strategies of marketing and communications teams, facilitating engagement with individual stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

Leveraging previously unattainable intelligence sources and unlocking new perspectives, this approach fosters powerful healthcare experiences and solves key challenges faced by marketing teams in life sciences companies.

Evoke’s audience intelligence offering is an omnichannel-ready, future-proofed solution that utilizes data with unmatched precision and provides critical insights on patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and payors. The offering features four core solutions designed to reveal pain points and unlock commercial potential.

  • NarratevTM, Evoke’s info-seeking behavior identifier and strategic catalyst, unlocks real-world, digital behaviors to bring clients robust channel and content strategies. It provides deep and differentiated insight into the info-seeking journey and mindset of clients’ key stakeholders, greatly increasing the quality and volume of engagement with HCPs, patients, and payors.

  • AffinitevTM, Evoke’s influencer identification and optimization offering, bridges the gap between life sciences companies, HCPs, and patients through influencer identification. It reveals valuable, undiscovered connections that significantly impact areas most relevant to a targeted disease state.

  • AdaptevTM, Evoke’s digital performance and refinement solution, fine-tunes business performance through individual stakeholder reporting, ensuring media plans and messaging hit the mark with intended target audiences.

  • CollectevTM, Evoke’s health disparity predictor, analyzes the key factors that affect underdiagnosis and unchecked disease progression on a micro-community level. This solution quantifies these risks and crafts tailored strategies for each community’s needs and communication preferences, eliminating barriers and improving treatment outcomes.

These solutions help power Evoke’s strategy, medical, creative, CX, omnichannel, and media teams with data-driven insights for target clients and their customers. The pinpoint accuracy of the audience intelligence offering drives consistent campaign KPIs and amplifies the ROI.

“The introduction of our audience intelligence offering strengthens Evoke’s role as a critical partner for driving transformative growth for our clients,” said Reid Connolly, Evoke CEO and Founder. “Now more than ever we’re able to help solve our clients’ toughest commercial challenges with more in-depth, real-world data that provide our clients a clear edge in the marketplace. This ensures our clients are set up to realize their full commercial potential and craft exceptional healthcare experiences at every stage of the healthcare journey.”

Jamie Avallone, Chief Data Officer at Evoke, added, “Our audience intelligence solutions revolutionize how clients understand their stakeholders. It’s not just about insights; it’s about generating engagement and building more powerful relationships with audiences. We uncover hidden, success-critical information and turn it into strategies that solve our clients’ and their target customers’ largest pain points. This isn’t ordinary intelligence. Each offering is a game changer that enables more personalized strategies, boosts engagement, changes behavior, and improves commercial performance.”

To learn more about these offerings and schedule demonstrations of Evoke’s audience intelligence solutions, visit data.evokegroup.com.

About Evoke

Evoke is a leading global health and life sciences brand, experience, and communications platform, purpose-built to make health more human. Organized by global practice areas and specialty agencies, Evoke uses data-driven insights, creativity, and applied innovation to solve the most complex of challenges in today’s healthcare market. Evoke is a platform for clients, talent, and the communities they serve to unlock their full potential.

Evoke is part of Inizio (www.inizio.com), Inizio, a CD&R portfolio company, is an integrated healthcare services partner, offering a breadth of services across strategic consulting, benchmarking, commercialization, customer engagement, events, marketing, and communications.

Inizio has carefully curated its business through the acquisition of 35 companies and is committed to offering streamlined services to best meet its clients’ needs. With a presence in 50 countries, over 12,500 employees strive to provide best-in-class service for more than 300 clients, including the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies.

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