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Excitant Healthcare Advertising 2014

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

1410 Meadowbrook Way
Woodstock, GA 30189
Telephone: 678-357-1127

Quick Facts

Account wins 2
Active business clients 7
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 9
$25 million or less 7
$25 million – $50 million 1
$100 million – $500 million 1
Services Mix  
Sales collateral 30%
Direct marketing 25%
Interactive 20%
Professional advertising 10%
Strategic consulting 10%
Professional relations 5%

Client Roster

Galen US
Prevention Pharmaceuticals
Synbiotics/Pfizer Animal Health

Excitant continued to thrive as an independent agency in its third year of operation through expanding assignments from established clients and capturing new business. The Excitant team’s big agency pedigree and experience, when combined with its client-focused approach to managing its client relationships, has continued to serve them well.

Whether in the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics or healthcare information technology space, executives say the agency has proven itself to be adept at successfully driving the growth of brands for its clients. That includes health care brands for humans as well as animals.

“The broad health care brand experience enjoyed by the Excitant team is certainly a big factor in our success,” says Mark Perlotto, president and CEO of Excitant. “More than anything though, I think it is our client focus and our willingness to dive deep into a brands needs and market situation to find the right promotional solutions for our clients.”

The Year’s Accomplishments

After a blazing performance in 2012 in which Excitant revenue grew by 400 percent, driven in part by some large project clients, 2013 was a year of expanding work with core established clients and a drug relaunch for a new client win.

In the pharmaceuticals space, Excitant picked up the responsibilities to relaunch Synera for Galen US Inc. The product is a patch containing two anesthetic agents and a warming pod that is indicated for the prevention of pain during venous access or superficial dermatological procedures. The product was originally approved in 2006, but Excitant managers say it never really received a consistent, committed sales and marketing effort. Galen Ltd., a Northern Ireland-based pharmaceutical company, acquired Synera in June to serve as the cornerstone product for establishing the Galen U.S. subsidiary.

Excitant worked with the Galen US team to position the product initially for needle-stick pain prevention for pediatric hematology and oncology patients, some whom require up to 100 needle-sticks per year over the course of their treatment. Agency launch responsibilities included strategic consulting and planning, positioning and message development, as well as campaign development and deployment across sales collateral, direct mail, advertising and convention marketing initiatives.

In February 2013, one of the agency’s original clients, Pfizer Animal Health, was spun off from Pfizer as a stand-alone entity and christened Zoetis. The agency’s volume of business with Zoetis grew by 65 percent compared to 2012, driven by expanding brand and business line assignments and activity.

Excitant worked with the new Zoetis branding guidelines to bring a new and exciting look to the Zoetis diagnostic, equine reproductive health and canine reproductive health business identities. In addition to re-branding collateral materials and the iPad sales tool developed by Excitant in 2012, the agency designed and launched completely new websites for the equine and canine reproductive health business targeted at veterinarians and owner/breeders.

Having worked on the Paragon hospital information system for the Enterprise Information Solutions division of McKesson since 2011, Excitant was also kept busy in 2013 completely re-designing the Paragon HIS website and doing a number of onsite customer video shoots at hospitals across the United States where Paragon is in use. The content captured during these video shoots drove the website, sales collateral and advertising campaign the agency developed for Paragon.

Excitant also continued to deliver creative excellence for its clients as evidenced by its performance at some key awards competitions in 2013.

At the DxMA’s Creative Communication Awards, Excitant campaigns dominated the category for non-diagnostic companies of less than $100 million in sales. The agency’s “Connections” campaign for Triplefin took the top spot while its Omeclamox-Pak launch campaign for Pernix Therapeutics and the Paragon customer testimonial campaign for McKesson tied for second place in the category. The agency also took home a third place win for the corporate print campaign it created for Pfizer Animal Health.

Later in the year at the Rx Club Awards, Excitant gathered Awards of Excellence wins for two direct mail campaigns: one for the seven-wave “Choice of Champions” series for Zoetis’ equine reproductive health business and one for a three-wave co-op campaign developed for Zoetis and one of its regional diagnostic lab partners, VetPathDx.

Structure And Services

Excitant is a full-service agency offering strategic and creative solutions across all aspects of healthcare brand advertising and marketing. Executives say all of the agency’s strategic and creative services are sourced from a core team of account service and creative talent that have been successfully working together for years in the healthcare space.

“Our core team structure and familiarity with each other allows us to maintain the quality of our client service and creative offerings, which is the majority of our work, yet we have the flexibility to bring expertise at the cutting-edge of newer technologies when needed,” Perlotto says. “This allows us to be both highly efficient and client-centric which is a huge benefit to our clients.”

Future Plans

According to Perlotto, the future looks bright for Excitant and for the clients that engage the agency’s services. “Three years in, we’ve proven that our model of a high-touch approach to client service combined with strategically driven creative and efficient operations is one that works for clients,” commented Perlotto. “And we’ve proven that we can both adapt and scale that model to the particular needs of a brand of just about any size.”

Perlotto noted that the Excitant team has extensive past therapeutic experience and expertise in the arenas of cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology and gastroenterology, as well as human diagnostics and medical devices that remain untapped with its current roster of clients and thus sees those as obvious channels for growth.

With a model that has proven to deliver successful growth for the agency, its clients and the brands they have entrusted to Excitant, leadership suspects some of that expertise may not remain untapped for long.


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