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Clifton, NJ 07013
Phone: 973-777-8886
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: expected.com

Account wins        4
Active business clients    8

Brands by 2015 sales
Brand product accounts held    8

Client Roster
B. Braun USA
Bolton Medical
Cordis Corporation
Éclat Pharmaceuticals
Edwards Lifesciences
Hetero Pharma
Nexus Pharmaceuticals
NYP/Weill Cornell
New York Blood Center
OraSure Technologies
Ortho Biotech
Otsuka Pharmaceutical
Rules Based Medicine
Saiom Pharmaceuticals
Sicor Pharmaceuticals
Sun Pharmaceutical
Teva Pharmaceutical
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
University of California

“Expect Advertising is committed to helping our clients’ brands to STAND OUT!” executives say. “We began as a group of people working at WPP/CommonHealth that resolved to offer more focused, more responsive and cost-efficient ad agency services. Over the years, Expect Advertising has worked with clients as diverse as large, medium, and smaller companies. The client mix has included pharma, biotech, medical device, hospitals and rare diseases. One factor that remained stable is its focus on developing ideas to help client’s brands stand out from the crowd.

According to agency leaders, “We invest a tremendous amount of time in developing the right positioning platform and message that registers in the minds of customers. Mindshare is achieved through a judicious mix of offline and online media components. Whatever media mix we use, the underlying branding and messaging remains consistent.”
“The Expect Advertising team has decades of pharmaceutical, healthcare and advertising agency experience and since we lack big agency bureaucracy, we can meet our clients’ needs more effectively and ensure a higher ROI,” says Ravi Sachdev, president, Expect Advertising Inc.

The year’s accomplishments

In the past year, Expect Advertising added four new clients: Eclat Pharma, PuraCap, Hetero Pharma, and Marksans Pharma.

For Eclat Pharma, the agency launched Vazuclep in the grandfathered products category. “The product competed in a crowded marketplace with several unapproved versions,” executives say. “The challenge was to break inertia and motivate the target audience to utilize FDA-approved drugs. We identified a renowned KOL to develop a white paper focusing on the importance of using FDA-approved versus unapproved drugs.”

The white paper was communicated through offline and online PR releases, web landing pages and search engine optimization (SEO). “We developed a core message, “Setting A New Standard in Phenylephrine Therapy,’” executives say. “The message highlighted, ‘A safe and effective, FDA-approved version available in a complete range of 3 vial sizes.’ We created the branding elements, brand logo, PR-release, journal ads, eBlasts, eBanners, website, and direct mail kit to surround the customers with 360-degree branding. The product was very well received by the target audience and made fast inroads in its product segment.”

For OraSure, Histofreezer was a mature brand experiencing brand fatigue and very aggressive competition, according to agency leaders.

“OraSure asked us to develop ideas to rejuvenate the brand and help to increase market share,” executives say. “After extensive research and analysis, we finessed the positioning, fine-tuned customer targeting, and developed a cool penguin character with a creative theme, ‘A cool way 
to treat warts and lesions.’ The integrated campaign was rolled out through the Internet – histofreezer.com, Facebook, Twitter, eblasts, and Google ads; print collateral; direct marketing; telesales; and trade show media.”

For Bolton Medical, the agency developed a complete launch plan for Relay Thoracic Stent-Graft.
Executives say the “Precision And Conformability” campaign included branding elements, journal ad, sales aid, a brand website at relaytaa.com, web marketing, animation video, direct mail, patient education materials, and professional training and trade-show materials. “The campaign was very well received by the target audience and achieved accelerated results,” executives say.

To support growth, the agency added talent in business strategy, creative, and web development. Mike Quattro is strengthening business strategy consulting from his San Francisco office, executives say. With 35 years of experience in senior management at Amylin, Sicor, and Schering, “Mike brings tremendous strategic expertise to add value in product launches and brand refreshes,” Sachdev says. “With Mike’s experience in rare diseases, it opens new avenues to work collaboratively with rare disease product teams.”

Anil Kumar joins the Expect team with 20 years experience in web development and the technology area.

Ed Keegan brings his 30 years of impeccable experience in Schering Plough and WPP CommonHealth.

Additionally, Expect developed an alliance with PR Newswire to develop and execute PR programs online and offline, agency leaders say, as well as partnering with a web hosting and maintenance company to deliver proprietary web hosting and web development services.

Structure and services

Expect’s business strategy is led by Sachdev, Quattro,and Keegan. Creative strategy is led by Susan Levant and John Niziol, M.D., leads medical consulting.
Kumar leads technology and web strategy.

The major services offered by the agency are advertising, branding programs, business plan development, collaterals, creative services, direct to consumer, direct marketing; direct to patient, eMarketing and eTraining, hospital and GPO marketing, KOL relationship marketing, managed care marketing; market research, media planning, non-personal promotion publication planning, social media marketing, strategic planning, trade show marketing, training programs, Web design and development, and wholesalers, national accounts, and chain drugs marketing.

Future plans

Executives say the agency is looking to grow organically or acquire capabilities in web development, database marketing, mobile marketing and reimbursement arena; develop alliances with regional and national organizations; and strengthen end-to-end services in print, online and integrated marketing.


In 2015, Expect provided pro bono journal ad development services to Ronald McDonald House and helped the New Jersey school system in developing its extensive community directory project. In addition, the agency helped the New Jersey PBA with journal advertising and creative services.