For the second year, FCB Health Network brought together a stellar group of experts to showcase the latest offerings in virtual and augmented reality, social media, technology, hardware, artificial intelligence, cloud computing services, data visualization, design, and more for its Next: Innovation Week series, executives say.

From June 5 to June 7, more than 100 clients attended the conference in person or via livestream to hear guest speakers from Axios, Facebook, Future of Storytelling, Google, HP, IBM Research, Microsoft, The Mill, Peloton, Sayspring, Snap Inc., Twitter, and Veeva along with FCB Health Network experts present the latest and greatest in healthcare and beyond during three days of forward-thinking sessions.

The presentations included:

“The Future of Healthcare”

FCB Health Network Chief Product Officer Graham Johnson discussed how companies are succeeding in reducing friction and barriers in healthcare by designing solutions like wearable sensors, Virtual Personal Assistants, blood glucose monitors and drones.

“Virtual Reality for the Real World”

FCB Health Network Director of Computer Graphics Bill Bourbeau and Account Management Michelle Francis brought a virtual reality experience to life for one of its clients and walked through how to take an idea to a fully executed deliverable on a compressed timeline.

“Working Today on a Better Tomorrow”

Ryan Olohan, Google Inc. managing director, Healthcare, shared how Google is focusing on being the best – from its website performance to making different tools available to help website owners test their site, and more.

“Standing Out on Mobile”

Mark Logan and Patrick Sullivan, Facebook client solutions managers, Healthcare, discussed Facebook in 2018, the evolution of mobile behavior, designing content with mobile behavior in mind, and the future of healthcare and technology.

The full list of 2018 Next: Innovation Week speakers included:

FCB Health Network Chief Product Officer Graham Johnson
FCB Health Network Director of Content Creation Matt Hall
Microsoft Azure Health and Life Science Managing Director Andrea McGonigle
IBM Research Researcher, Smart and Connected Health Tian Hao
Veeva Content Program Manager Hilary Steiger
Twitter Health & Wellness National Director Mary Ann Belliveau
FCB Health Network Director of Technology Joe Graiff
FCB Health Network Chief Analytics Officer Ken Beatty
FCB Health Network Director of Computer Graphics Bill Bourbeau
FCB Health Network Account Supervisor Michelle Francis
Facebook Client Solutions Manager, Healthcare, Mark Logan
Facebook Client Solutions Manager, Healthcare, Patrick Sullivan
HP Solution Architect Dan Schneider
The Mill Chief Creative Officer Angus Kneale
Peloton Head of Global Brand Marketing Carolyn Tisch Blodgett
FCB Health Network Director of Strategic Analytics Matt Zogby
Google Managing Director, Healthcare, Ryan Olohan
Snap Inc. Vice President, Technology, Steve Horowitz
Snap Inc. Sales Manager, Brand Partnerships, Whitney Derksen
Sayspring CEO/Founder Mark Webster