Marketing agency will optimize remote working for interns versus cancelling during COVID 

June 4, 2020: Fingerpaint, a full-service health and wellness marketing agency with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, and California, will add 23 paid college interns to their employee roster on June 8, 2020, and they’ll be operating the entire program through a virtual experience.

With college students already displaced from the traditional end of their school year, Fingerpaint made the decision in April to switch their intern program to operate remotely so their chosen candidates could have some sense of stability and certainty about their summer plans.

Through a collaborative approach across all office locations and departments, the company is prepared to ensure that working remotely does not hamper its ability to provide an engaging experience for their interns.

Using some of the most common virtual tools for remote workers, the students will get the opportunity to engage across all offices with different teams. In addition, Fingerpaint pairs their summer interns with a nonprofit client to complete a pro bono marketing project. This will help them get a feel for managing projects and client relationships in a virtual world.

Bo Goliber, Fingerpaint’s summer intern program creator and head of philanthropy, said, “We are fortunate that our business has been able to continue operating successfully while we’re all working from home. I wanted to translate that into a learning experience for our interns, since a remote workforce could be a big part of our industry’s future. We’re looking at these challenges as opportunities for growth.”

Some of the benefits to the virtual intern program allow for more interconnectivity between the other offices, as the students can chat and connect with other interns without geographical barriers. Fingerpaint has come up with fun and engaging ways to keep the students feeling connected, including trivia gatherings, themed parties, day-in-the-life video blogs, and more.

Fingerpaint provides extensive onboarding for their interns across all disciplines. This year, they’ll include a few more tips and trainings, like best practices for virtual meetings, engaging with clients and coworkers when they can’t be in person, and managing projects remotely. Ultimately, the company believes these skill sets will be a valuable asset for students who will be looking for jobs post-graduation.

About Fingerpaint

Reset your expectations of a health and wellness agency. Fingerpaint is independent by design, with integrated talent across five offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Jersey, and California. Built on a foundation of empathy, Fingerpaint is at its core committed to creating and executing meaningful brand experiences that are never paint by number for healthcare providers, care partners, and patients.

In 2020, Fingerpaint acquired 1798, a market access and commercialization firm in La Jolla, California, adding to its portfolio of services in support of biopharma customers. Fingerpaint was named 2019 Agency of the Year by Med Ad News, and in 2018, it won the Heart Award from Med Ad News for its commitment to philanthropy and social causes. Additionally, it has been on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies for the past seven years. Founder Ed Mitzen was honored as 2016’s Industry Person of the Year by Med Ad News. Visit us at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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