First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio Launched At Lions Health 2016; Agency Also Unveiled Hands-On Brands Innovation

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Bringing its brand name to life, Fingerpaint – a marketing innovation agency as well as founding partner and sponsor of Cannes Lions Health – unveiled the first-ever Virtual Reality (VR) Fingerpaint Studio at the Cannes Lions Health Festival.

Within the Fingerpaint pod, visitors enjoyed the experience of being virtually transplanted to famed fingerpainting artist Iris Scott’s art studio, who served as the inspiration behind the agency’s new brand story. Using a virtual display of fingerpaint colors and their own fingers, guests were able to create artwork on a canvas screen. The finished piece was printed and added to the gallery wall within the pod. Guests could additionally share a digital copy of their artwork with friends and family through their social media channels by tagging @fingerpainters and using the following hashtags: #FirstEverVRFingerpaintStudio, #FingerpaintLife and #HandsOnBrands.

After everyone returned home from Lions Health, votes from professional art judge Iris Scott ( and the people’s choice were tallied. The two winning masterpieces belonged to Cari and Chad, who each received a $100 American Express gift card for their art work.




“It’s always incredibly inspiring to see the great creative work being done by our industry from around the globe. And to see these same creative folks embrace their inner child by painting their ‘masterpieces’ in the First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio was really a blast.”
– Ed Mitzen, Founder, Fingerpaint

“The great thing about being involved with Lions Health is getting the front-row chance to see how behind every great creative idea, behind every great piece of new technology, there is an even greater human story. It really came to life inside the First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio. We saw the humans come out of creatives as they immersed themselves and physically created in this virtual space—the human grins, the human intensity, and even, on one occasion, the human tears of joy.”
– Bruce Rooke, Head of Ideation, Fingerpaint

“Lions Health provides a unique venue for creative minds to gather. We were proud to contribute to that collective with the First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio. It’s truly inspiring to put your Cannes experience on a virtual canvas.”
– Bill McEllen, Head of Saratoga Springs Office, Fingerpaint

“Sponsoring Lions Health was a great opportunity to expose the global agency community not only to our First-Ever VR Fingerpaint Studio and what’s on our mind, but also to engage in a discussion about what’s on their mind. We incorporated technology, data, and imagination into immersive, innovative experiences that solve relevant problems faced by physicians, patients, and caregivers.”
– Jack Hyndman, Head of Creative, Fingerpaint






Fingerpaint also launched the agency’s new Hands-On Brands movement in Cannes.

The movement details Fingerpaint’s rebrand from “Ad Agency” to “Idea Agency,” and how it is providing an entirely new take on communications for its clients. Guests visiting the Fingerpaint pod received prints of various Iris Scott paintings, which consisted of more information about the new brand story.

Fingerpaint is dedicated to original thinking and uncommon collaboration. Integrating talent across offices in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Scottsdale, Ariz., and Villanova, Pa., the agency transforms traditional advertising into more engaging, more responsive, and more personal brand experiences known as Hands-On Brands. For more details, please visit and