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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Five Trends from Lions Health

Written by: | | Dated: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


By Rich Levy
Chief Creative Officer
FCB Health

Editor’s Note: Mr. Levy served as a jury member of Pharma Lions 2016



FCB Health along with the FCB network brought home nine top awards at the 2016 Lions Health awards. In total, the network was honored with a Grand Prix, two Gold Lions, four Silver Lions and two Bronze Lions.

1) Everyone is a healthcare company. All of these companies entered and won in Lions Health this year.

• Pearson
• Samsung
• Philips
• J.M. Smuckers
• The Ad Council
• Procter & Gamble
• Valspar
• Kimberly-Clark
• Banco Santé Fe
• Unilever
• Intermarche
• Expedia
• Colgate-Palmolive
• T-Mobile
• Bandsports
• Indian Association of Palliative Care
• NHS Blood & Transplant
• Ovarian Cancer Canada
• Donate Life
2) This year – Craft outshines Idea. Pharma clients, Pfizer, TEVA & Novartis did some amazing work that leaned heavily on craft.
3) Simple beat complex – Some of the most awarded ideas were the simplest. “This Bike Has MS,” “Organ Donation” from Donate Life, “Last Words” from IAPC were all great and very simple.

4) Great Story-telling – So many pieces told great stories. “Nick’s Story” from Healthcare at Home, “Breathless Choir” from Phillips, “Last Words” from IAPC. There are too many great ones to list.
5) VR, AR, and Digital tricks didn’t win. Technology doesn’t make an idea great. There were far too many entries that used technology that really didn’t advance the idea.

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