158 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001
Telephone: 212-894-9750
Facsimile: 212-894-9751
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: flashpointmedica.com



Quick Facts

Account wins 5
Account losses 1
Active business clients 12
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 14
$50 million – $100 million 3
$100 million – $500 million 4
$1 billion or more  
Services Mix  
Advertising 50%
Digital 40%
Promotional education 10%

Client Roster

Acorda Therapeutics
Crescendo Bioscience
Entrotech Life Sciences
Meda Pharmaceuticals

Not to be outdone by previous successes, agency executives say Flashpoint Medica set out to make further strides in 2013. With a third consecutive year of impressive growth, four new agency of record clients with significant organic growth, and a number of creative awards, executives believe that Flashpoint continues to demonstrate why it is one of the best in breed in healthcare communications.

The Year’s Accomplishments

Staying true to its vision of being a premier digitally engaged creative agency, Flashpoint won the digital agency of record business for NovartisTasigna, an oral therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia, and for Entrotech Life Sciences’ new line of medical surgical products. “With our capabilities in digital art design, edugaming, and responsive Web design, the agency’s ever-growing digital catalog continues to expand,” executives say. “A testament to our digital chops is our nomination as a finalist for a Hubbie, an award recognizing digital creativity across all industries.”

Agency leaders say Flashpoint continues to chase down impressive new business wins, now with a third straight year of double-digit growth. In addition to the agency’s digital agency of record wins, Flashpoint proudly captured AOR victories for two global product launches. For Takeda’s diabetes agent fasiglifam, a novel GPR40 agonist, the agency embraced a truly global effort and provided service offerings in New York, Chicago, and Tokyo. For Meda Pharmaceuticals’ Aerospan, Flashpoint is launching an inhaled corticosteroid asthma therapy with a unique delivery system.

“Clients who already know us continue to show their confidence in our abilities by providing new opportunities on their brands,” executives say.

For Genentech, Flashpoint helped launch a new indication for Tarceva as the first treatment approved for EGFR mutations in first-line metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. This milestone in oncology highlights the emerging era of personalized medicine and the importance of biomarker testing in identifying appropriate patients.

For Gilead, the agency unveiled a new unbranded KOL-based multichannel educational initiative for the HIV franchise. The program focused on helping physicians better understand the immunological implications of HIV on different body systems.

As part of its “A-TEAM” agency collaboration, Flashpoint designed for Novartis a multichannel, interactive program providing nurse education on the use of Afinitor in patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Riding the wave of an award-winning 2012, Flashpoint took home another 15 creative awards in 2013. “For an agency of its size, Flashpoint truly distinguishes itself from the pack,” executives say.

Structure And Services

According to agency leaders, Flashpoint provides a true cross-functional partnership on every account. Through the collective know-how of digital, account, copy, art, and medical, the agency ensures all insights become actionable programs that drive growth. “With the emergence of “Art, Copy & Code,” we understand that the traditional approach to creativity is transforming,” executives say. “By combining the minds of the creative team with digital technologists and developers, Flashpoint can build impactful digital engagement on every project.

“Embodying the essence of Flash, our beloved canine mascot, we take a smart, energetic, and enthusiastic approach to multichannel healthcare communications. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for exceptional client service, Flashpoint offers our clients a range of services typically found in larger agencies, accompanied by the personal attention expected of a medium-sized agency.

“From fetching great creative, digging deeper for strategic insights, or unleashing the potential of the evolving digital landscape, Flashpoint takes on any challenge with the go-getter attitude of a brand’s best friend,” management says.

Amid the new business wins and growth from current clients, Flashpoint focused in 2013 on its culture of collaboration and ongoing staff training. Welcoming 35 new employees and taking over another floor in its building – now spanning three – Flashpoint concentrated on developing skills across multiple disciplines.

Through a new internal training program known as “158U,” the agency continuously rolls out new educational workshops and best practices seminars to keep staffers at the top of their game. In the midst of a scorching July, Flashpoint also kicked off “Flashquest,” a digital scavenger hunt in Times Square, where the entire staff searched for digital platforms that made the best use of social and mobile engagement.

Along with increasing expertise, Flashpoint is expanding its borders by opening a satellite office in San Francisco to better serve a growing roster of West Coast clients, including Genentech, Gilead, and Crescendo Bioscience.

“Led by our senior management team and managing partners, our history of strong leadership sets us apart from the rest,” Flashpoint leaders note.

CEO and managing partner Charlene Prounis was honored with Smart CEO magazine’s “Brava Award” and the Women’s Venture Fund’s “Highest Leaf Award.” Both awards recognize outstanding CEOs who excel at employee development and giving back to their community or industry. Moreover, through her work with the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame this past year, Prounis played a pivotal role as a board member and chair of the popular “Young Executives Night Out Educational Seminar,” the “Future Famers Award,” and the “Future Famer/Hall of Famer Mentoring Breakfast.”


“Community is one of Flashpoint’s hallmarks, and we believe good corporate citizens have a responsibility to give back,” executives say. Flashpoint made several contributions to charities over the course of the year. During the holidays, Flashpoint carried out a food drive for City Harvest, adopted a family through the Family Reach Foundation and supported them financially and provided toys for their children, and provided financial support to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

Flashpoint also supported the Jed Foundation, an organization devoted to supporting the emotional health of teens and young adults, through the development of an infographic for its Website.