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Quick Facts


  • Active business clients: 12

Brands by 2022 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 18

Services mix

  • HCP: 65%
  • DTP: 35%

GENICOS, powered by Syneos Health, launched in 2022 with a mission to challenge the status quo in marketing oncology and highly advanced therapies. “We’re a deeply experienced team of agency specialists who have devoted our careers to supporting oncology and complex-science launches,” says Richard Veal, managing director of GENICOS. “The science is deep and the market is constantly changing — so our agency approach had to be different. In addition to our work with top 25 pharmaceutical companies, we’ve specifically focused on small to midsize biopharma companies where we can leverage efficiencies and cost effectiveness gained through our expertise in bringing novel products to specialty health markets.”    

The name GENICOS itself is in “recognition of what we do from a scientific and technology standpoint,” Veal says. Specifically, genic is “a recognition of the role genes play in identifying certain types of cancer; the suffix “os” is “a profound appreciation of the goal to improve overall survival for cancer patients, which is always a gold standard in clinical research endpoints,” and “gen” “is the root of genesis, which is the beginning of all things – and a lot of times, our work is the genesis of a brand.” 

At GENICOS, “our mission is always top-of-mind – we turn products into brands and patients into survivors, so our name takes on an even deeper meaning for our team,” adds John Kirk, senior VP, group creative director.  

Recent accomplishments

At the heart of GENICOS is a passion to build brands and businesses with our clients,” says J.D. Cassidy, president, Syneos Health Advertising, North America.  

According to the leadership team, by understanding oncology and behavioral science, GENICOS is empowered to create advertising that breaks through the infodemic. 

“We create solutions that are simple and clear to help the oncologist to understand who’s the right patient, timing, and what can they expect.” executives say.   

The key to successfully supporting brands is appreciating that clients “need us to be part of their organizations, embedded and flexible around the way they are growing and building out their commercial models,” Veal notes. 

According to Kirk, the deep experience in the medical realm gives the creative team an advantage because everything they do is focused on science.

The first step in the creative process is to “dig deep into the science before we ever put pencil to paper.” Only then, Kirk explains, can the team “understand what the patient is facing, what the oncologist and multidisciplinary team need, and what is happening in the market.” 

GENICOS, Braving Oncology

Overcoming the challenges of launching a product in oncology or rare diseases isn’t easy. Genicos fused in-depth scientific acumen with creative passion to dimensionalize the solutions its clients provide to healthcare professionals and patients. The hero image on the website is a video created of a T cell attacking, and ultimately destroying, a cancer cell.

Leadership calls it “braving oncology.” Cancer is relentless and aggressive, so to fight it with groundbreaking, novel science products, technology and therapeutic platforms, GENICOS helps small to midsize companies approach the market the same way, which isn’t always comfortable for them. 

According to Kirk, “our mantra is that if it doesn’t intimidate you a little in the beginning, it may not be worth it in the end.” 

Managers say for that reason, over the past year GENICOS has been integral to clients’ success in both first-to-market and brands entering established TA markets. 

According to leaders, “It was truly a year of firsts, including launches for Immunocore’s first bispecific T-cell engager immunotherapy to receive FDA approval for a solid tumor; a Novartis dual launch of the first targeted radioligand diagnostic and therapeutic for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer and a receptor-based diagnostic from Epic Sciences to help identify eligible metastatic breast cancer patients using the first liquid biopsy launched to assess both ER and HER2 expressions. 

In addition to assisting with multiple novel product launches, GENICOS achieved significant organic growth within its existing accounts as well as new business wins, with the most recent being Karyopharm Therapeutics and Fosun Pharma USA. 

“While first-year growth is important, expanding our most valued asset – our people – has been equally important,” says Catherine Eschenbach, senior VP, director of client services. “We have pulled in a lot of great talent who really have that background and that depth of experience demanded to excel in oncology and to understand and translate the high science behind emerging therapies.” 

That talent is based across three offices in Columbus, Ohio, New York City and Munich. 

Structure and services

Leaders say GENICOS is built to enhance brand performance and empower companies that have unique or specialty support needs with 360-degree, customizable marketing solutions, powered by the depth and breadth of Syneos Health. “We are built to support workflows that bridge gaps between functional teams and we are flexible in how we engage with brand teams.” 

Being part of Syneos Health, Cassidy says, “allows us to bring a unique depth of experience, resources, and solutions to the table that goes much broader than an ad network can offer.” 

That means the team can draw upon “medical affairs experts, medical education experts, deployment solutions, and what’s going on in the fields with doctors” to tackle the complexity of the science. 

 “The fact is that Syneos Health is a healthcare company as opposed to a holding company,” Veal says. That means more than 29,000 people are “committed to and intimate with the business of health”, which helps to “advance every component of what GENICOS can do and bring to the table for clients.” 

It also helps GENICOS adapt as quickly as necessary for clients.  

GENICOS provides advertising, disease state awareness promotions, digital and closed-loop marketing, immersive conference and live event experiences, thought leadership and peer-to-peer programs, strategic insight, branding, communications planning, predictive modeling, market access strategies, media, and market research. “Our experience spans HCP, DTC, advocacy, and payer audiences,” executives say. 

Future plans

When we set goals, we set them high,” agency leaders say. “In the coming year, GENICOS is committed to overcoming every challenge in oncology and bringing advanced therapies to market to give smaller companies a big pharma advantage. We have the experience to master complex science and dynamic markets. We have the medical, strategic, and creative chops to deliver insights that translate into results. Above all, we have proven brand-
building that drives behavior —from changing prescribing habits, to influencing and expediting technology uptake, to improving patient treatment adherence.”


When the heart and ideals of your company align with the philanthropic efforts of a global corporation like Syneos Health, amazing things happen – for the clients who depend on us, for the colleagues who work alongside us, and for the community, caregivers, and patients who need us,” the leadership team says. 

One ongoing initiative is RISE (Realizing Inclusivity and Success through Equality). “RISE’s shared goal is for everyone in the agency to have the same opportunities to grow and advance as the person sitting next to them,” executives say. What started with a handful of people has now spread throughout the Syneos Health organization, creating unity and community through regular events and thought-
provoking conversations.”

As part of the agency’s Environmental, Social & Governance strategy and ongoing commitment to supporting communities, Syneos Health donated to organizations selected by eight employee resource groups, including: Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM); Little Hercules Foundation; Proud Science Alliance; Women’s Brain Project; Project Hope; National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI); and The Honor Foundation.


(left to right) John Kirk, senior VP, group creative director; Richard Veal, executive VP, managing director; Catherine Eschenbach, senior VP, account director