Caitlin and Ben; Photography by Sophie Harris Taylor (Swerve Represents Ltd)

Global ‘PsoriasIS NOT CONTAGIOUS’ mask campaign for World Psoriasis Day

Fishawack Health launches global disease awareness campaign, supported by leading Psoriasis Warriors to destigmatize psoriasis during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thursday 29th October 2020—LONDON

World Psoriasis Day takes place on 29th October 2020. The annual event was established in 2004 and is active in over 50 countries globally. The theme for 2020 is ‘PSORIASIS. IT’S NOT CONTAGIOUS.’ 

Fishawack Health has launched a pro bono campaign to raise awareness that psoriasis is not a contagious or unhygienic condition​ and to help lessen the stigma, discrimination, and exclusion of the 125 million people currently living with the skin condition globally.

Tasia and Chanel; Photography by Sophie Harris Taylor (Swerve Represents Ltd)

Face masks act as an everyday tool to prevent potentially contagious people from infecting others with Covid-19. Wearing a face mask has become accepted as mandatory to help reduce the spread of the virus. Face masks can limit expression—we can’t see if the wearer is smiling, frowning, or hear what they are saying. But what if wearing a face mask could signal that you are part of a larger movement?

Fishawack Health has developed an innovative creative campaign which leverages face masks to send a clear message that psoriasis is not contagious, ending the stigma around the condition.

The campaign has been shot with UK-based photographer Sophie Harris Taylor who has award-winning focus on skin conditions. She has captured personal stories from people living with psoriasis.

The company is encouraging people across the world to take part in the campaign, whether they are directly affected by the condition or not, by downloading a digital face mask and uploading the pictures on social media platforms with the hashtags #PsoNotContagious #WorldPsoriasisDay.

Zackaria and Leila; Photography by Sophie Harris Taylor (Swerve Represents Ltd)

Global Psoriasis Warriors from TikTok and Instagram are supporting the campaign, encouraging us all to download the social media face masks with the message ‘PsoriasIS NOT CONTAGIOUS’. 

Psoriasis advocate Leila, who modelled in the campaign, gave a heart-felt message on living with the condition: “It makes me feel really anxious, it makes me feel self-conscious, it still affects me mentally, and it affects me physically.”

Ben, who is also pictured in the campaign, reiterated the misconceptions of the skin condition saying, “It’s not contagious in the slightest. That’s been the big one.”

“We can all spread awareness and erase any misconceptions that come with psoriasis,” added advocate Tasia, as she focuses on a positive future.

If you would like to show your support. visit, where you can find more insights about living with psoriasis, and download the ‘PsoriasIS NOT CONTAGIOUS’ mask templates.

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