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Greater Than One 2014

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

395 Hudson Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Telephone: 212-252-1999
Facsimile: 212-252-7364



Quick Facts

Account wins 6
Account losses 1
Accounts resigned 1
Active business clients 15
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 30
$50 million – $100 million 8
$100 million – $500 million 12
$500 million to $1 billion 4
$1 billion or more 6

Client Roster

Blue Shield of California
Continuum Health Partners
Jazz Pharmaceuticals
New York University
Roche Global

How do you top your most successful year?” agency executives say. “If you’re Greater Than One, you do it two years in a row.”

GTO celebrated the agency’s 13th year by increasing its workforce by 15 percent, expanding the full-service office in San Francisco to better serve its growing portfolio of Genentech brands, becoming agency of record for an oncology brand at a top 10 global pharma company on the East Coast and the Blue Shield of California, launching two new departments, and debuting two family companies.

Additionally, GTO Labs’ predictive modeling protocol is being applied to BioDigital Systems platform, the BioDigital Human, to implement the principles of the Affordable Care Act. The program presents complicated health data in simple ways to help solve society’s largest healthcare challenges via 3-D digital technology. This ground-breaking feat was presented by GTO’s CEO at the United Nations in March.

The Year’s Accomplishments

Executives say GTO began 2013 by doing what it does best for complex brands and healthcare companies: offering powerful and simple solutions that empower brands, drive sales, and change lives.

GTO’s long and successful relationship with Genentech continued as it developed the strategy and analytics for Pioneering Health, Roche brands’ premier destination portal for people and their caregivers who are eager to learn about living optimistically with a disease or condition.

2013 also marked a continuation of GTO’s evolving relationship with Roche’s flu medication Tamiflu. GTO is the digital media and co-creative agency for the Tamiflu brand, and last year the DTC National Advertising Awards gave GTO the 2013 Gold for Tamiflu media. The breakthrough campaign tracked and processed search engine queries, so creative could be instantly deployed to consumers who were seeking effective flu solutions.

Another outstanding achievement rooted in accurately harnessing the human insight is the pre-launch work for AbbVie. Agency leaders say the physician unbranded campaign flexed GTO’s analytical, strategic, and creative muscles by raising awareness of the pathophysiology and burden of disease for chronic kidney disease. Leading the campaign is Gregory Gross, Ph.D., the new executive creative director of content, who brings extensive knowledge and award-winning online and offline expertise to GTO. Under his leadership, the copy team can fulfill deeper content generation and AOR work with engaging, powerful prose. GTO’s new print production studio and motion graphics department also support this four-year campaign and further enhance the agency’s services.

GTO spearheaded its share of new business wins by adding notable clients Blue Shield, Ferring, MasterCard, and VacToDate to its portfolio.

Structure And Services

Born digital, the talent of GTO thrives on innovation, creativity and strategic thinking, executives say. By seeking out like-minded creative partners to add to the family of companies, GTO has created a unique brand-building approach that is more powerful than any single perspective, according to managers. Launched during 2013 as a GTO division, GTO Media made its debut as a PM360 and DTC award-winner.

In June, Adjacent to One (ATO), a design and technology consultancy for digital products and services, joined the GTO family. One of the first projects out of the gate was the creation of an extensible design language (EDL) to introduce a new interaction model and user interface for products for CA Technologies Security Business Unit. The EDL created has allowed for more rapid and consistent design development than previously attained. By early 2014, this modern interface will be ready for integration. And GTO’s print production, audio and video departments created a groundbreaking integrated campaign for the Greater Good, the agency’s charitable initiative.

In addition to the new divisions of GTO, other hallmark services include experience design and content, application development, web development, strategy, quality assurance, media, search engine marketing/search engine optimization, project management, and account management.

Each Greater Than One office is a full-service digital communications agency with key growth areas in tablet applications, responsive Web solutions, and gamification strategies for e-learning and e-commerce.

A 2013 finalist for PM360’s Trailblazer Advertising Agency of the Year, GTO continues to define and reinvent the future of digital healthcare, agency executives say.

Future Plans

“For over 13 years, GTO has used the human insight to drive process. And this process creates iconic brands that have garnered international recognition, consumer loyalty, client success and, most importantly, it gives us a unique energy,” says CEO Elizabeth Izard Apelles. “Energy can be felt in the halls of each of our offices and our family of companies. Energy propels us to change the future and challenge the status quo.” This is precisely why clients come back for more, execs say.

According to managers, GTO will continue to keep to its roots and values: empower consumers by enhancing their health literacy by making information more compelling and understandable; support healthcare professionals to do their best work; contribute to the communities in which employees live; and encourage sustainable practices and create sustainable growth for the company and clients.


According to agency leaders, GTO strives to make a positive impact in the world around it – for its clients and its communities. The agency partners with global clients to build and promote sustainability in its values, practices, and services. “Everyone at GTO believes passionately in giving back and they do so through Greater Good,” executives say.

Through Greater Good, employees can devote a designated number of workdays each year to help underserved charities. All charitable initiatives provide sustainable programs, projects, and necessities for people in need around the local communities near GTO offices in New York, San Francisco, and Madrid.

Greater Good celebrated its 13th year of giving back by giving more. Collection capabilities were expanded with The Big Red Box. The donation drive had its best year yet, and the sponsored holiday dinner fed even more families. 100 percent of everything raised reached the people for whom it was intended. “Now that’s greater giving,” executives say.

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