H4B Chelsea President Violet Aldaia shares goals as CHC’s new board chair

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Violet Aldaia

H4B Chelsea President Violet Aldaia shares goals as CHC’s new board chair

H4B Chelsea President Violet Aldaia was recently elected the new board chair of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication (CHC). Med Ad News spoke with Aldaia to get a quick take on the issues she feels are most important for CHC to address this year. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to take on this role and to be part of the CHC,” she says. “I appreciate the opportunity on being a voice for the industry and to be able to support our members. And now being part of the 4A’s, I think there’s also a lot more synergy and partnership.”

Med Ad News: What are your goals for your role as board chair of CHC?

Violet Aldaia: In terms of goals, I’d love to see a greater awareness of the work that the CHC does and bring more members into the fold. In the short term it’s really about making sure that we continue to support our members with relevant information that’s helpful –  from webinars and events to sending information about new legislation and how it impacts the work we do as an advertising industry. Part of what we’re doing now, as part of the 4A’s, is to really be that healthcare vertical, answering questions specifically related to healthcare communications, that come from member companies and individuals.

Med Ad News: What specific issues affecting healthcare communications are you focused on addressing this year?

Aldaia: Two big ones have been on everyone’s mind. [The first is] data privacy and how information is responsibly used, protected, and regulated. Our job is to ensure that the right people are getting the right messages and can be made aware of products that might help them. There’s some legislation right now around how to best approach this – some states have done work on it and there’s federal legislation also in discussion. We also have to think about what kind of mechanisms we can put in place that will be the most beneficial – whether it’s for a business or the end user (consumers and physicians). We have to work together to have an approach that is protecting everyone.

The second biggest priority is AI – predictive AI and generative AI, and how do we use it in a responsible way that makes sense and is in compliance within this highly regulated industry.

Technologies and capabilities are changing rapidly, from week to week, so whatever we may have been discussing last week has already shifted. ChatGPT just released its latest version, which is exponentially different than what was available just a week ago. We have to be continuously reevaluating and ensuring that we’re staying ahead, and it’s important that our members have the information at their fingertips, as they’re doing their strategic planning and integrations.


*Ed note: H4B Chelsea is now Havas Life Chelsea.