Havas Health & You Evolves Network Positioning, Announces Chief Content Officer Hire Lars Bengston, and Launches Content Assembly

– Network hosts launch event, The Future of Health, highlighting insights into industry future, revived mission and new areas of investment

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 was a monumental year for all industries, and an especially formative time for health. The pandemic forced care providers, hospital systems and health brands to adapt and pivot at unprecedented speed and scale, with major industry players leaning into and creating new models by the minute in order to survive. The once-in-a-lifetime transformational events have acted as a catalyst, driving significant, permanent change that will shape a future health environment much different than previously seen.

Amidst rapid growth, Havas Health & You (HH&Y) had planned to evolve their network positioning to focus on what they call “Human Purpose.” Amongst recent category history, this positioning is more relevant than ever. Global CEO Donna Murphy states, “People’s lives and families are our key motivating factors every day, no matter where they lie within the health ecosystem. If, through the work that we do, we can make someone feel less isolated, provide peace of mind, or increase quality of life, we’ve done our job. Today marks a new era for our business, a new look and feel for us, an exciting strategic hire, and the founding of a new division of our business.”

“Powerful health brands are as much about cheering on the human spirit as they are about treating the human body,” says Brian Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer of HH&Y. “Human Purpose is our approach to building brands; that is, creating brands that help people thrive.”

HH&Y announced their evolved positioning with a thought leadership event, The Future of Health, providing context to the landscape and expert guidance as we look to the future, featuring several members of their executive leadership team, Eben Shapiro of Time, Aubree Curtis of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and patients and physicians from around the world.

The event and new positioning were led by both Robinson and Megan Rokosh, Global Chief Marketing Officer, and executed by the Global Marketing team, Havas Production Services and the highly-awarded Havas Lynx. Rokosh states, “Health has entered into the cultural conversation like never before in history over the last year. Health brands of the future need access to a plethora of different skills and expertise. As a partner and industry leader, it’s incumbent on us to provide both. Our new positioning reflects our evolved point of view, the refreshed category vibrancy and the areas of investment and growth that we see being the pillars of the future of health.”

Lars Bengston

These pillars include innovation, technology, medical, customer experience, and content. Industry leader Lars Bengston, who was the co-creator of Some Good News with John Krasinski, Publisher of VICE Media, and Head of Content at Thrive Global, joins as the network’s Chief Content Officer, stating “By creating content that amplifies solutions to today’s HCP and patient challenges, we have the power to rewrite old perceptions, and reimagine traditional methods of communication. Moreover, in today’s world, good content changes lives – and adding value to the culture of the communities you serve has positive and outlasting commercial benefits. We are built to guide you on the new healthcare journey of today, one that incorporates the human spirit as our guiding point.”

The newly formed division, the Content Assembly, will blend storytelling with HH&Y’s leading practices in data, technology and customer experience, and will be a global collection of leading creators and strategists from across industries led by Bengston and Rokosh.

You can view The Future of Health https://havas.6connex.com/event/futureofhealth/login.

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Havas Health & You unites Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Lynx, Havas Life PR and Havas Health Plus, all wholly owned health and communications networks, with the consumer health businesses and practices of Havas Creative Group. Its customer-centric approach has the talent, tenacity and technology that health-and-wellness companies, brands and people need to thrive in today’s world. For more information, go to www.HavasHealthandYou.com

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