Austin/Chicago-based agency joins international alliance of independent healthcare communication agencies 


AUSTIN, TX – HCB Health, one of the nation’s top independent healthcare firms, today joined the Eurocom Healthcare Communications Network. Based in Austin, Texas, HCB Health recently acquired Chicago-based Topin and Associates, a long-term member of the Eurocom Network, combining the talent and resources of two well established U.S. healthcare agencies. 

The Eurocom Network brings together healthcare communications agencies known for their creativity, competency and services to the global healthcare industry. The Eurocom Network includes agencies from Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Turkey and the UK. HCB Health is the first and only U.S.-based company to join Eurocom. 

Kerry Hilton, CEO and Partner at HCB Health, said, “As healthcare marketers, we know the path from globalization to localization is an important one. Working in partnership with Eurocom members in countries like Germany and Spain allows us to make sure a client’s global message is also a local message in today’s digital world.” 

Tony Chant, President of Eurocom Network, said, “We are thrilled to have HCB Health join the network. They bring tremendous expertise in advertising, branding, media and digital technology to our existing membership and will increase the network presence in the U.S.”

Hilton adds, “Eurocom Healthcare has an impressive reputation around the world for its high standards of service and extensive client portfolio. We are excited to partner with the Network and looking forward to the opportunities ahead in 2016


About HCB Health: 

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2001, HCB Health is an independent full-service healthcare communications agency with one of the world’s leading practices in medical marketing. Among the first agencies to integrate digital technology into its offerings, HCB serves the entire healthcare sector including companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In early 2015, HCB acquired Chicago-based Topin & Associates expanding and diversifying the agency’s client offerings while establishing a strong presence in the Midwest. 


About Eurocom Healthcare Network:

Eurocom is an independent healthcare communications specialist agency providing both marketing and creative services for a range of clients within the broad healthcare arena. It produces creative campaigns for both professional and consumer audiences, to appear in printed press, as well as in the digital space. Its extensive experience covers pharmaceuticals and bio-technology, over the counter products, medical aesthetics, medical devices, health and beauty products, nutritional aids and supplements. Eurocom works with both UK and international based clients and have the capability to produce global communications campaigns through its network of agencies based in Europe and the US. For more information about the Eurocom Healthcare Communications Network, please contact Tony Chant on +44 (0)20 7101 0790.