Healthcare communications executives call on industry partners to join expanding coalition to fight vaccine hesitancy

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Healthcare communications executives call on industry partners to join expanding coalition to fight vaccine hesitancy

April 19, 2021 – Face2Face America, a nationwide, community-driven Covid-19 vaccine education initiative, launched a call to action today to engage other members of the healthcare communications industry to lend support to their initiative to fight vaccine hesitancy. Face2Face America was created by a consortium of healthcare communications experts that want to educate vaccine hesitant communities about the importance of getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Developed by a coalition that includes health-specialty marketing agency principals, creatives and healthcare workers on front lines of hesitant communities, Face2Face launched its campaign on Monday, April 19th, the first date on which all Americans 16+ were eligible to get a vaccine.

Face2Face came together to contribute its talent and resources to the effort to achieve herd immunity, in light of research showing that a large percentage of African-American, Latino and politically conservative Americans were not intending to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Face2Face was formed to educate and empower these communities to make knowledgeable decisions about their own health and medical issues, by hearing directly from members of communities like their own. They have also engaged local doctors to inform vulnerable populations about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Face2Face intends to educate vaccine hesitant Americans through a digital marketing campaign featuring interviews with community members and doctors sharing their vaccination experiences. Supporting content on social media augments the video interview series with stories, resources and sharable clips, including music videos and viral memes, meant to ensure that Americans can hear directly from members of their community about getting vaccinated.

Marc Benjamin

“As healthcare communications experts, we know that many Americans make healthcare decisions based on information they hear from their primary care doctors and members of their communities,” said Marc Benjamin, a founder of Face2Face and a healthcare marketing expert. “Recent surveys of disparate vaccine hesitant groups suggest this is a common truth. We created Face2Face America to let these communities hear directly from their community peers and their doctors about the importance of getting vaccinated. We need to expand our efforts and we are calling on our partners in the healthcare industry to get involved in our project.”

Additional information can be found at the Face2Face website



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