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Healthcare marketing gets dirty at nitrogen

Written by: | | Dated: Monday, June 15th, 2015

Surprised that a healthcare marketing agency takes pride in getting dirty? Prepare yourself, because this is only the beginning. Nothing is traditional about nitrogen, the modern agency where everyone is on a mission to deliver brand excellence and no one is afraid to get their hands’ dirty.

New executive leadership of Astrid de Fries (art), Brian Marisch (managing director), and Dan Romeo (copy) was brought together by David Dunn (Global CEO) to form this tight-knit, idea-driven group that demands its thinkers are also doers. Based in Soho, New York City, with an office in San Francisco, nitrogen is a global healthcare marketing agency with regional hubs in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Shanghai—all experts, practicing a hands-on strategic and creative marketing communications approach that is changing what clients can expect from their agency relationship.

The driving philosophy for nitrogen is to provide unsurpassed value to clients and their brands. Rooted in scientific acumen, energized by creative zeal, and motivated by the life-and-death realities of specialty healthcare; nitrogen is uniquely suited to offer more than the traditional agency model. Being smart, nimble, and efficient allows nitrogen to create more impactful communications in less time than the traditional approach. This requires experience, skill, commitment, and a little bit of magic…all of which abounds within its walls.

Consider nitrogen officially on call to: ensure your brand’s health as agency of record, provide an evidence-based marketing diagnosis, offer a second opinion, or describe how it operates differently for brand and client benefit. Reach out when you’re ready to make something great together.


Brian Marisch, EVP Managing Director                                                                                                      



David Dunn, Global CEO



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