Healthcare Marketing Leader Lasso Launches New Publisher Suite

The Lasso Publisher Suite provides advanced monetization, media buying, and analytics solutions designed specifically for endemic healthcare publishers.

AUSTIN, Texas, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lasso (, the world’s first and only omnichannel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, today announced the launch of its new endemic Publisher Suite to continue its mission of becoming a true end-to-end operating system. This exciting initiative is being led by Eric Shih, Lasso’s Chief Growth Officer, who previously built one of the world’s largest premium publisher marketplaces at Teads. Lasso’s platform now powers a streamlined media buying and selling workflow for both marketers and publishers alike.

Since 2019, Lasso has been a pioneer and leader in providing end-to-end platform solutions for healthcare marketers, and this new business expansion will extend these same capabilities to endemic healthcare publishers. The Publisher Suite provides a singular dashboard with seamless access to each module of the selling journey:

  1. Monetization: Comprehensive ad serving and programmatic tools for publisher direct sales and monetization through Lasso’s endemic advertising marketplace, connecting HCP and DTC marketers directly with endemic publisher audiences.
  2. Extension: Plan and activate audience and reach extension campaigns by leveraging Lasso Blueprint, the most advanced, self-service audience builder for healthcare.
  3. Measurement: Understand the end-to-end, real-world performance of campaigns with built-in Rx lift and audience quality analytics.

Given its deep partnerships with healthcare marketers, Lasso is well-positioned to rapidly scale its endemic ad marketplace. This platform is already connecting leading agencies such as Klick Health, Good Apple, and Fingerpaint, who are bringing high-value demand, to prominent healthcare publishers such as GoodRx, Haymarket Media, HMP Global, The Doctor’s Channel, Global RPH, and many others. For marketers, Lasso’s platform is now the industry’s ultimate one-stop shop, offering complete control and a harmonious experience for both endemic and non-endemic campaigns.

In March, Lasso partnered with a top pharma agency and a leading prescription drug information website used by thousands of physicians and millions of Americans each month. By leveraging Lasso’s advanced identity resolution, the endemic publisher was able to distinguish high-value HCP (Healthcare Provider) audiences from consumers and, hence, monetize those segments at a premium CPM and drive incremental revenue. The agency’s goal was to open up an avenue to reach HCPs that are inaccessible through traditional programmatic channels and increase media engagement. By participating in Lasso’s new endemic marketplace, the agency was able to deliver the campaign in full and renew with the drug brand for additional flights. Within the first month, the campaign achieved a 2.2% incremental reach of elusive HCPs beyond the open web and a 30% increase in CTR on just one endemic website. These results are remarkable as endemic sites tend to be stickier and more contextually relevant for both physicians and patients who use them, leading to higher brand recall and more desired behaviors such as prescription fills, over-the-counter sales, etc.

Louis Naimoli, Director of Programmatic, Haymarket, said “We’re excited to see that Lasso has released a full suite of tools that are optimized for the sales and marketing needs of premium healthcare publishers like Haymarket. We look forward to leveraging the Publisher Suite to improve monetization of our HCP audiences that visit our sites and provide industry-leading reporting & analytics to our clients through our partnership with Lasso.”

“We are constantly evaluating new ways to provide added value and expertise to our clients and drive innovation for healthcare marketers,” said Kristy Quagliariello, VP of Programmatic Media at Klick Health. “The ability to reach HCPs through Lasso’s new curated endemic inventory alongside all our other channels, within one fully integrated platform, enables us to spend more time optimizing and driving strong cross-channel performance for our clients.”

Eric Shih, Chief Growth Officer, Lasso, said “As healthcare marketing rapidly transitions to digital and programmatic channels, endemic healthcare publishers have had to implement fragmented technology solutions or adopt platforms that are ill-suited for the healthcare vertical to meet the opportunity. With the introduction of the Lasso Publisher Suite, we are now empowering these endemic publishers with best-in-class, end-to-end technology that delivers on their digital advertising and marketing needs.”


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