Hybrid Healthcare Communications: 2023

Hybrid Healthcare Communications

Hybrid Healthcare Communications

234 Industrial Way W, Building A, Suite 200, Eatontown, NJ, 07724  

732-530-3363 • [email protected]hybridhealth.com

Quick Facts


  • Account wins: 7
  • Active business clients: 19

Brands by 2022 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 15
  • $25 million or less: 3
  • $25 million-$50 million: 2
  • $50 million-$100 million: 3
  • $100 million-$500 million: 4
  • $500 million-$1 billion: 2
  • $1 billion or more: 2
  • Products not yet approved/launched: 4

Services mix

  • Live and virtual meeting engagement solutions: 46%
  • AOR engagement: 20%
  • Web and virtual engagement: 14%
  • Video and animations engagement: 7%
  • Interactive platforms and experiences: 7%
  • Consulting services: 6%
Patrick Baffuto, Hybrid Healthcare Communications

Patrick Baffuto, executive VP

Leaders say Hybrid Healthcare is an independently owned healthcare marketing agency that partners with a core group of pharmaceutical and biotech clients. “In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry, engaging with healthcare professionals has become increasingly complex,” executives say. “To keep pace with evolution, Hybrid Healthcare Communications uses innovative approaches to leverage the best of both traditional and digital tools to create effective, engaging, and meaningful experiences for HCPs. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs and expectations of HCPs, and we’re committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that address these needs.”

Recent accomplishments

Leaders say during the pandemic, Hybrid evolved as a company by creating a full suite of engagement offerings for the virtual world. “These offerings were headlined by Hybrid L!VE and virtual exhibits and conferences.”

“As the industry started to pivot back towards live interactions being the norm, Hybrid was able to complement our new virtual offerings with our existing live services,” executives say. “We saw a 78 percent increase in gross revenues from 2020 to 2021 and a 70 percent increase in gross revenues from 2021 to 2022. This increase was linked to several new account wins inclusive of Moderna Therapeutics, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Argenx, and more.” 

Structure and services

Hybrid Healthcare technology

Hybrid Healthcare technology

According to managers, Hybrid focuses on four core pillars of HCP engagement: convention engagement, technology, live and virtual events, and content. 

The agency states, “Conventions have long been a staple of medical and promotional plans for pharmaceutical companies. Convention presence should be designed to be both educational and engaging.”

Under convention engagement, executives say Hybrid’s goal is to “provide HCPs with a platform to learn about the latest innovations in their field, network with their peers, and interact with content that resonates to them in their day-to-day practice. Every detail of convention presence matters, including sponsorships, events, presentations, exhibit booths, and more.” 

In looking at technology, Hybrid tries to offer a wide range of technologic solutions that are designed to enhance the HCP experience. “Technology is changing the way we communicate, but it’s also changing how we engage with HCPs,” executives say. “Technology has the power to help achieve your educational and promotional goals. Integrating insightful and well-defined data is key to transforming digital tactics.” 

Because live and virtual events are an important part of the HCP engagement mix as they offer a unique opportunity to connect with HCPs, Hybrid leaders say events should be designed to provide HCPs with an opportunity to learn, network, and engage with pharmaceutical companies. “Yearly event plans must be looked at holistically. Identifying the appropriate mix of live and virtual engagements with HCPs will provide the reach you need in a cost-effective manner.”

 And, according to the leadership team, “It’s true when marketers say, ‘content is king.’ Medical content must be carefully crafted messaging to be educational, informative, and engaging.

“It’s critical that HCPs have the information they need to make informed decisions about the products and services they use. To bring content to life, it’s time to move away from old methods of developing flat PowerPoint presentations. Infographics, animations, videos, and virtual reality are just some of the tools that can provide a higher level of engagement with HCPs. These are just some of the offerings that Hybrid can create to help build trust and engage thought leaders to interact with key medical content.”

Future plans

As leaders look towards the future of Hybrid, they are projecting growth in gross revenue of more than $21 million within three years due to the agency’s existing client pipeline having major product launches beginning in 2023 and carrying through 2025. “Additionally, while Hybrid has traditionally been referral based from a new business perspective, we are implementing a full-scale new business effort to support these referral-based account wins and to increase our overall account mix,” executives say