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Indigenus Network LLC 2014

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

641 6th Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Telephone: 212-524-6200
Facsimile: 212-524-6299

Indigenus is the largest global network of independent “healthwellness” communication companies, according to its executives, delivering a full-service menu of strategic, creative, and digital services to global and local clients worldwide.

Indigenus is dedicated to helping clients “get unstuck,” and has an innovative and uniquely flexible multilocal model that drives topline growth across brand portfolios, through creativity and innovation, and improves the bottom line through quality and value. “Locally and globally, Indigenus builds brands and relationships that move the business needle and move customers to action,” network leaders say.

“We believe that in today’s dynamic marketplace, nothing is an obstacle. Instead, we see everything as an opportunity,” says Rico Viray, chairman of Indigenus and founding partner of The CementBloc, which is based in the United States. “Our clients are wrestling with constant change – to regulations, to pipelines, to budgets – and that means we need to help them adapt and get ahead of change by remaining truly nimble.”

The Year’s Accomplishments

In 2013, Indigenus won more than 90 industry and creative awards – including three CLIO Healthcare Awards, nine IPA Best of Health Awards, and 13 Global Awards. The network also welcomed a new associate company: Life Healthcare Communications of the United Kingdom.

Recently, The CementBloc and Life Healthcare Communications were assigned as the global and EU/international agencies of record for Vertex’s new drug for cystic fibrosis, estimated to launch in first quarter 2015.

During May 2013 in Spain and November 2013 in Canada, Indigenus partners met to discuss how they can best serve clients in a constantly shifting industry. Florian Bernsdorf, co-chairman of Indigenus and managing partner of Serviceplan Health & Life, based in Germany, says, “Meeting face-to-face twice a year fosters real collaboration across borders. It’s here that we get to see our unique approach bearing fruit in real time.”

Additionally, in February 2014, Indigenus welcomed Mariana Sanchez de Ovando as the first senior VP, global executive director of Indigenus. De Ovando brings more than 20 years of experience on global consumer brands, most recently as chief strategy officer worldwide at Saatchi &Saatchi X, where she also served as the global lead on P&G. “We are delighted to welcome Mariana aboard and look forward to seeing the impact of her strategic and procedural insights on our clients’ business,” Viray says.

Structure And Services

More than a collection of agencies dotting the map, Indigenus delivers proven collaboration across national boundaries that results in 100 percent global solutions, executives say. All companies in the network rank in the top five in their local markets, and new partners undergo a rigorous selection process in which the philosophy and quality of each is carefully considered.

Leaders characterize Indigenus as a tight, unified, and streamlined organization. A dedicated team of global business managers coordinate activities across multiple markets, driving efficiencies and providing global brand teams with a centralized view of all activity worldwide. Additionally, the network’s customer-centric philosophy is to pull in local market knowledge and insights during strategic and creative development to ensure that global brands are local-market ready.

Indigenus is incorporated as an LLC with 16 top-ranking communication companies in key major and emerging markets, as well as cost-efficient “global transcreation centers.” The network includes The CementBloc in the United States, CPC Healthcare Communications in Canada, Marketing Latino in Mexico, and Thanks in Brazil; g Healthcare in Turkey, Lindh& Partners in Scandinavia, MedMedia Campaign in Ireland, Life Healthcare Communications in the United Kingdom, Serviceplan Health & Life in Germany, Strategik&Numerik in France, thenewway in Italy, and umbilical in Spain; and PharMa International in Japan, Sorento Healthcare Communications in India, and Oceania: Insight in Australia and New Zealand.

“For secondary markets, mature brands and local adaptations, we have set up global transcreation centers that are able to derive full value from lean budgets,” executives comment. “These centers are uniquely adept at supporting a broad portfolio of brands in various stages of their lifecycles, allowing us to deliver cost savings without compromising quality, impact or timing.”

Future Plans

This year, the Indigenus network celebrates its 10th anniversary. A week of thought-leadership events is planned to mark the occasion this May in New York City, network leaders say.

According to executives, as entrepreneurs at heart, the Indigenus team is continuously evaluating ways to reinvent themselves and ensure that their clients stay unstuck.

“While we have seen considerable success as a network over the past several years, every single company in Indigenus stays hungry,” Bernsdof says. “We are focused on delivering real value – both innovative and economic – to our clients, and committed to helping them stay nimble for the challenging times ahead.”

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