Just 27 percent of physicians say that they find pharma websites to be a credible source of professional information, according to a recent survey by Manhattan Research. Seven in 10 U.S. physicians agree that “It is crucial that pharma companies provide education resources rooted in science to gain my trust.” However, half of all U.S. physicians say that no pharma company is providing quality scientific content online.

62 percent of physicians agree that the info pharma companies provide on third-party websites for healthcare professionals “are always ads” for their products, and only one in three (34 percent) trust the information pharmas provide on these websites. Physicians want more from pharma on these websites – for example, 54 percent of cardiologists want pharma-sponsored continuing medical education on non-pharma websites for providers, and 46 percent of urologists want disease diagnosis tools.

Nearly half – 49 percent – of physicians who watch professional online video agree it influences their clinical decisions, yet 52 percent of physicians don’t think that any pharma company is doing a good job at providing quality physician video content.

86 percent of physicians use a smartphone to access digital resources for professional purposes, but 41 percent of smartphone users don’t visit pharma websites more often because it takes too long to find the information they need.


Source: Taking the Pulse U.S. 2017, Manhattan Research