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WINNER | Best Rare Disease Campaign
FINALIST | Best Experiential Campaign
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) affects one in 5,000 newborns – mostly boys. Children with Duchenne, like Conner Curran, are eventually robbed of their ability to walk, breathe, and even smile. Even though MD may steal smiles, it can never steal our fierce determination to fight it with all we’ve got. Through outdoor, social media, and custom-made AR filters, Fierce Against MD helped drive attendance and donations to a record- breaking, live fundraising event.


Account wins 17
– New brands 68
Active business clients 60

Brands by 2021 sales
Brand-product accounts held 220


Services Mix

Project-based 15%
Media AOR 11%
Enterprise/technology 3%

Consumer/Patient 47%
HCP 42%
Corporate 8%
Enterprise 3%



Best Rare Disease Campaign


Most Creative Agency
Heart Award
Best Consumer Print Campaign
Best Experiential Campaign
Best Patient Engagement Campaign
Best Philanthropic Campaign


On the heels of a year like none other, Intouch hit the ground running in 2021, expanding its network by three new affiliates, Intouch Market Access, Intouch MedComm, and full-service agency Intouch Oxygen, company leaders say. Additionally, Intouch also launched a bold new self-promotion campaign; received repeated recognition for its creative work; grew revenue by 25 percent; and continued its years-long hiring frenzy to support growth.

Intouch’s success did not go unnoticed. In late 2021, Intouch Group was acquired by EVERSANA, the leading independent provider of commercial services to the global life sciences industry. “Over the last 20 years, Intouch has transformed digital engagement and pharmaceutical promotion,” says Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch. “Imagine what the next 20 years will bring as we set our sights even higher, unafraid to transform healthcare as we know it.”

Recent Accomplishments

Intouch blew past forecasts to reach $273 million in fees, growing revenue by 25 percent and adding hundreds of employees, the leadership team says. Intouch also launched a popular new “work from anywhere” workplace policy; last year, 94 percent of employees worked remotely or enjoyed “flex” schedules, according to managers.

Management says wherever Intouchers worked, they were successful, leading launches for 28 pharma products and adding 17 new clients and 68 new brands to the roster. Big wins included major assignments in oncology, immunology, cardiology, and rare disease, which the leadership team says solidify Intouch’s position as a partner to 20 of the top 25 pharma companies globally.

Intouch also launched a new self-promotion campaign, NEXTMAKERS. “It’s a whimsical take on Intouch’s unique approach to solving client challenges in creative ways,” says Susan Perlbachs, chief creative officer. The campaign enlisted three world-renowned artists to produce distinctively original video animations.

To help combat the inequities Black women face in breast cancer treatment, Intouch teamed up with client The Chrysalis Initiative to launch the world’s first digital platform designed specifically for Black women by Black women. The app provides tools for women to navigate their treatment journey and also to rate the care they receive. Intouch drove awareness to the program via its bold “Erase the Line” campaign. Other client projects included “The Last Plaque,” a campaign that envisions the end of plaque psoriasis; “Kindness Over MD,” which employs augmented reality to spotlight a fatal genetic disorder; and “Ticking Lyme Bomb,” a gritty awareness campaign about Lyme disease in urban settings.

Further emphasizing Intouch’s creative chops, celebrated global advertising magazine Lürzer’s Archive recognized Intouch as a Top 5 Creative Agency in the U.S. – and one of the top 15 in the world.

The leadership team says Intouch’s HR team was also hustling in 2021, hiring 560 employees – including 37 “boomerangs,” i.e., employees who leave and then return – bringing headcount close to 1,450. Diversity among employees grew as Intouch purposefully increased BIPOC hiring, resulting in BIPOC employees representing 23 percent of the Intouch workforce by the end of 2021. In the spring, Intouch pioneered the concept of hosting a month-long “Copy School,” pulling new talent into the industry – and into Intouch.

With 200-plus positions open, recruiting and retention were priorities. “Despite the ‘Great Reshuffle,’ we were fortunate to maintain a high retention rate of over 80 percent at the end of 2021,” says Kristi Veitch, executive VP, human resources. “That’s on par with 2019 and 2018, and better than 2017 and 2016! No doubt, that’s thanks to our strong culture,” Veitch adds that Intouch also promoted more than 25 percent of its employees and reached the milestone of paying down more than $1 million in student loan debt through its paydown benefit.

According to management, Intouch’s Inclusion and Diversity Alliance continued to promote inclusion and engagement, hosting 17 programs on women in the workplace and disability in the workplace, plus cultural and educational events for Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQIA, Indian festival days, Pride Month, and Black History Month. Intouch also launched seven belonging communities, providing Intouchers opportunities for their voices to be heard. Company executives say these ever-growing groups regularly connect and find ways to champion each other, including Black Intouchers Connect; WISH, which is committed to empowering all women; APIDA Community Link, supporting the diverse and multicultural Intouch Asian Community; Pride @ Intouch; Disability Connection; Latinx Inclusion; and Early Career Professionals.

Structure and Services

In 2021, Intouch strengthened its leadership team with the hire of award-winning creative Nicholas Capanear, as its senior VP, executive craft director; analytics expert Iyiola Obayomi as senior VP, analytics; and client services leader, Barry Vucsko. Two Intouch veterans, Angela Tenuta, president, Full-Service Agencies, and Boris Kushkuley, president, Commercial and Consulting Services, were promoted to reflect the momentum of Intouch’s continued growth.

Intouch provides creative and media services, enterprise solutions, and data analytics globally through 10 affiliates in eight offices, including Intouch Solutions, Intouch Proto, Intouch Seven, Intouch Oxygen, Intouch International, Intouch Media, Intouch B2D, Intouch Analytics, Intouch Market Access, and Intouch MedComm. Physical office locations include New York, Chicago, Boston, Kansas City, San Francisco, San Diego, London, and Mumbai.

Future Plans

With Intouch’s acquisition by EVERSANA, the combined companies – with more than 40 locations, 5,500 employees, and millions of dollars invested in digital transformation, data, and analytics — are poised to deliver full-scale commercialization to pharmaceutical companies globally, according to the leadership team. Agencies from both firms are integrating, as EVERSANA ENGAGE and Intouch join forces. Both companies and their clients began immediately benefiting from access to digitally driven, patient-centric services designed to solve global pricing, access, reimbursement, promotion, adherence, and product-delivery challenges.

Capan is optimistic – even enthusiastic – about Intouch’s future. “I founded Intouch in 1999 with the belief that there is no challenge too big to cure,” Capan says. “With EVERSANA, our team takes a monumental step forward. Not only will we continue to ensure our clients’ brands are accessible, but now we are able to impact every sector of product commercialization.”

Cassidy adds, “I’m excited by the prospects I see and look forward to achieving great things together.”


Work began in 2021 to develop an all-new philanthropic program, The Give Back, to launch in early 2022. The platform focuses on three pillars of giving: Intouch For Health, Intouch With the World, and Intouch For Justice. A major component of the program includes Intouch’s support of Heart to Heart International’s (HHI) Adopt-A-Lab program. Through the program, Intouch is sponsoring two point-of-care labs at free health clinics in major cities, enabling real-time lab results for patients in underserved communities. “Together with their partners at HHI, Intouch is helping to close the gap on health inequity and expand healthcare access for better patient outcomes,” company managers say.

(left to right) Chris Shirling, chief financial officer; Wendy Blackburn, executive VP; Boris Kushkuley, executive VP; Kristi Veitch, executive VP; Faruk Capan, CEO; Justin Chase, executive VP; David Windhausen, executive VP; Susan Perlbachs, chief creative officer; Angela Tenuta, executive VP; Brady Walcott, executive VP; Aaron Uydess, executive VP