Intouch Group Launches Market Access Affiliate

— Addition of New Affiliate Positions Firm to Drive Value and Access

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Intouch Group, a full-service global agency network serving the pharmaceutical industry, today announced the addition of Intouch Market Access as its eighth affiliate to address the ever-evolving needs of clients.

Intouch Market Access services will enable clients to elevate brands and ensure that patients and providers have unencumbered access to vital therapies and diagnostics. As part of Intouch Group, Intouch Market Access integrates its full suite of services with the creative, marketing specialties, and breadth of expertise found across the Intouch Group network. 

The full-service affiliate is composed of value and access subject matter experts and seasoned marketing services professionals from more than 15 disciplines. It applies timely insights, cutting-edge strategies, and modern marketing discipline to provide programs focused on removing barriers to physicians prescribing treatments, and that encourage and support patients managing their therapy.

“With more than a dozen Market Access clients, a rapidly growing team, and the profound impact of payers no longer being contested, Intouch believed it was the right time to bring this offering to the forefront,” said Boris Kushkuley, President, Commercial and Consulting Services, Intouch Group.

Intouch Market Access, first established as a service offering in 2016, brings greater scale, deeper expertise & integrated resources from across the Intouch Group network to be your brand’s lifeline to success.

Intouch’s Market Access service offering was first introduced in 2016, and has increasingly become a critical part of the marketing mix for Intouch clients. Mike Motto, Senior Vice President of Market Access, a veteran value-and-access professional with both manufacturer and client services experience, leads this growing team.    

“While the structure of Intouch Market Access has expanded, its commitment to ensuring our clients’ products are fully accessible in our industry has not changed. The goal is to drive disciplined approaches, efficiency, and value for our clients,” said Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch Group.

To learn more, visit the Intouch Market Access website at or view their thought leadership on the Intouch Group blog.

About Intouch Group

Intouch Group is a privately held full-service agency network, providing creative and media services, enterprise solutions and data analytics globally through eight affiliates in eight offices, including Intouch Solutions, Intouch Proto, Intouch Seven, Intouch International, Intouch Media, Intouch B2D, Intouch Analytics, and Intouch Market Access. Collectively, Intouch Group employs more than 1,300 people. With a dedication to the life sciences, Intouch Group operates with the belief that there is no challenge too big to cure. Contact Intouch Group at [email protected] or visit them on the Web at

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