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According to its leaders, inVentiv Health Communications, a division of inVentiv Health Inc., delivers “exceptional, global, multichannel communications” for organizations focused on health and wellness. “With a worldwide network of 1,600 communications professionals, inVentiv Health Communications transforms promising ideas into commercial reality for clients and the patients they serve,” executives say.

The Year’s Accomplishments

inVentiv Health Communications (iHC) embarked on 2013 fresh off the heels of implementing a “Done as One” operating philosophy, seamlessly weaving together a multidisciplinary portfolio of award-winning public relations, advertising, branding, medical communications, creative, media and digital services agencies. Over the past year, the modern network model unveiled a portfolio of unique products and services designed to navigate the complexities of today’s evolving health care environment. inVentiv Health Communications is led by Bob Chandler, iHC president and founder of Chandler Chicco Agency.

Assisting clients in navigating an increasingly complex regulatory and reimbursement environment, in 2013, iHC strengthened its capabilities to influence change within clinical and payer audiences by expanding its inVentiv Medical Communications (iMC) presence worldwide, executives say. Already operating in London, Munich, Paris, Shanghai, Dallas and the Philadelphia area, iMC added top-notch talent in New York City and Tokyo, Japan, to become the industry’s largest global network of experts in peer-to-peer medical and scientific communications.

“The result is rich, persuasive communications that build relationships, foster understanding and encourage collaboration between the biopharmaceutical industry and medical/health care professionals,” executives say. “iMC also broke new ground with its proprietary Evidence Catalytics approach, helping clients plan, generate and communicate a product’s evidence of value by integrating late-stage clinical development with commercialization teams.”

In what agency leaders say further realizes the value of the “Done as One” model, Michel Dubery was named managing director of inVentiv Health Communications in Europe, guiding the agency’s integrated advertising and public relations offerings. Dubery brings more than 30 years of broad, global health care industry experience to iHC, including specialized expertise in consumer and patient communications, relationship marketing, brand strategy development and business modeling.

In the United States, iHC further focused on establishing solutions to better navigate the diverse challenges posed by a nationwide health care system being reshaped by increasing government regulation and dramatic shifts in the private health care market, executives note. To address transformative changes including the emergence of accountable care organizations, health insurance exchanges, and bundled payment arrangements, inVentiv launched a new policy arm, Breakaway Policy Strategies, a joint venture between inVentiv and the partners of Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, a leading, bipartisan lobbying firm.

The firm provides strategic analysis and sophisticated counsel to help health care stakeholders navigate decisions made daily by Federal and state policymakers. Dean Rosen, one of the nation’s top policy experts and former health policy director for Senate Majority Leader William H. Frist, serves as Breakaway’s president and CEO. He is joined by Rick Smith, former executive VP for policy and research, at the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America,

The network’s public relations group, Chandler Chicco Companies, also mounted a response to escalating health care reform momentum by appointing Heather Gartman as managing director of its D.C. office. Gartman, a veteran in bipartisan health care public relations and public affairs, will focus on expanding the reach and impact of the agency’s D.C. office.

Executives say Palio+Ignite, one of iHC’s full-service health care advertising agencies, continued to enhance its managed markets communications expertise in the United States, executing campaigns specifically designed to help clients optimize market access. Leading the charge, John Guarino, executive VP, managed markets and global payer access and recognized “communications guru” in the managed markets space, provided sophisticated counsel on reimbursement, effective pull-through, specialty drugs and specialty pharmacy and contracting profitability.

“Complementing the development of game-changing global access and managed markets services, the network simultaneously addressed the dramatic changes taking place in the field of digitally enabled patient and physician communications,” executives comment.

Adding global digital expertise to improve physician-patient engagement, Emma D’Arcy joined inVentiv Health Communications’ Digital+Innovation as head of participatory medicine. Darcy, a recognized leader in this emerging field, promotes health care professionals and patients working in full partnership, using contemporary communications channels, to increase the patient’s participation in their own health care decision-making. D’Arcy works with clients to apply principles of participatory medicine to increase the success of new product launches.

GSW, another of iHC’s full-service health care advertising agencies, continued its ongoing expansion of its innovation lab, iQ, which creates perspectives on how technology can accelerate health care marketing. The agency additionally launched its “Speak People” philosophy in 2013, which leverages the power of connecting audiences, experiences and markets that inspire and empower people to make healthier choices. This has become GSW’s proprietary approach to enriching the conversation between people and health care.

Structure And Services

inVentiv Health Communications brings together inVentiv Health’s advertising, public relations, public policy, market access, medical communications, media, creative, branding, and digital services in a unified offering that can be tailored to meet a client’s precise needs, executives remark. iHC programs and services are relevant, targeted and flexible, allowing pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in the health care industry to excel in a rapidly changing environment.

“The ‘Super Agency’ model allows clients to simply bring their challenge to iHC, which then assembles the right cross-disciplinary team with the expertise needed to succeed and a single point of contact for administration,” managers say. “The goal is not just to provide the best services in the industry, but also to make it quick and simple for clients to find what the support they need.”

Clients will continue to have the option of accessing individual agency services through their existing agency, and now have access to the entire iHC network of services across many more communications disciplines. inVentiv Health Communications agencies and centers of excellence include Addison Whitney, Chandler Chicco Companies, GSW Worldwide, inVentiv Creative Studios, inVentiv Digital + Innovation, inVentiv Media360, inVentiv Medical Communications, Navicor, Palio+Ignite, and Patient Marketing Group.

Future Plans

As part of inVentiv Health, iHC is able to tap into a unique range of global services to address clients’ most pressing needs, according to network leaders. Converging services across inVentiv’s clinical, consulting, and commercial areas of expertise is already producing unmatched, innovative solutions. “For example, inVentiv Clinical Trial Recruitment Solutions brings together cutting edge technology, big data, behavioral insights and digital technologies such as electronic patient enrollment to cut feasibility time in half and get drugs more quickly into trial,” executives say.

inVentiv Health Communications is a “modern network model helping solve complex marketplace problems and anticipating what’s next,” executives say. “Our inventive approach to helping clients combined with our unique breadth of expertise doesn’t just accelerate performance, it produces game-changing communications outcomes.”