IPG Health Launches 90NORTH, a New Platform-Based Advisorship

IPG Health Launches 90NORTH, a New Platform-Based Advisorship

Offering aims to optimize the human health experience to create first-in-pharma solutions

IPG Health is proud to announce the launch of 90NORTH, the network’s new software-based advisorship that enables pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies to tackle complex issues beyond traditional marketing communications. 90NORTH, its name derived from the coordinates for the north pole, uses proprietary software platforms that help clients solve complex business problems and uncover innovative areas for competitive advantage and growth.

Helmed by long-time IPG Health leader Hilary Gentile as President, 90NORTH is comprised of a diverse team of solution architects—social scientists, experience engineers, medical experts, business strategists and creative technical designers who explore the innerworkings of problems and help clients visualize unexpected connections and make informed decisions that drive impact and growth.

“As the pandemic pushed healthcare to become increasingly prominent and ubiquitous in people’s lives, it also changed the business of health, presenting new avenues and opportunities for growth and impact,” said Dana Maiman, CEO of IPG Health. “We launched 90NORTH to help our client partners not only navigate the broader, more complex challenges that this new paradigm presents, but to also architect the future of health.”

90NORTH’s proprietary software platforms enable clients, including some of the leading global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, to view challenges from new perspectives and unlock real-world data that drive real-world outcomes:

  • Futurescape depicts a ‘satellite view’ of the macro forces shaping various industries to future-proof clients’ businesses and stay a step ahead.
  • Living Journey offers a ‘street view’ of key health stakeholders’ real-life experiences, uncovering the decisions they’re making in navigating or managing a disease.
  • Empathy Engine a qualitative data-based platform, presents an ‘underground view’ of what is beneath the surface of people’s language, to decode intention and most importantly, unlock behavior change.

“With the launch of 90NORTH, we have the ability to see new viewpoints and development opportunities, while making the most of client data,” said 90NORTH president Hilary Gentile. “Through our advisorship, new and existing clients alike now have access to novel technology and brilliant digital platforms created to develop best-in-first-solutions that push boundaries by inspiring and igniting our clients to achieve what they set out to do—change the trajectory of patient healthcare.”

For more information on 90NORTH, please visit our website.


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