IPG Health unlocks next-gen data, AI & tech-enabled platforms for health care

IPG Health

IPG Health unlocks next-gen data, AI & tech-enabled platforms for health care

New York, May 6, 2024 – In the sea of content today, customers – HCPs and consumers alike – are overwhelmed with information. This content might be reaching them, but not effectively resonating and activating them to change behaviors. Cutting through this noise requires creative effectiveness that can only happen by harnessing the right data, technology and AI to drive next level audience understanding and as such, next level engagement.

“The imperative for health and pharma marketers remains clear – harness this transformative potential to reshape HCP and consumer engagement, drive behavioral change, while accelerating brand value, *with* speed and scale,” said Dana Maiman, CEO of IPG Health. “Interconnectivity and interoperability have been fundamental to the success of IPG Health and enable us to keep pace with tech evolution. It’s how we’ve successfully combined creativity with deep science, data, technology and intelligence – both human and artificial – to keep our clients and their brands at the forefront of innovation.”

Since its inception nearly three years ago, IPG Health has invested in integrating systems, processes and people across its global network. This was accelerated by key leadership appointments focused on integrating the use of data and tech-enabled platforms across every aspect of its business. Notably, Jessica Specker joined from Accenture Song as Executive Director of Global Content Solutions, and Jack Vance joined from WebMD as Managing Director, Data and Activation for IPG Health and SOLVE(D). Through these focused investments, IPG Health engineered a sophisticated suite of tech-enabled platforms to help marketers harness and unleash effective creative with speed and scale:   

Harnessing the industry’s most advanced data stack for health care

Tailored specifically for the unique needs of pharma and life sciences, IPG Health’s data stack encompasses the largest breadth and depth of data inputs, including Acxiom. Thanks to the network’s connected and compatible structure, its rich data stack is accessible to all IPG Health agencies globally and can be seamlessly combined with clients’ first party data to boost deeper audience understanding and brand impact. Integrating this best-in-class data stack with AI resulted in the creation of EPIC – IPG Health’s revolutionary data and insights platform that is purpose-built for healthcare.

Unleashing effectiveness at speed and scale with EPIC

EPIC is a proprietary, tech-enabled data platform that transforms healthcare and audience data into actionable insights that fuel the network’s renowned creative output. The platform fuses AI with insights from IPG Health’s behavioral science expertise and is complemented by ADELe, IPG Health’s genAI conversational interface, which democratizes data access to all stakeholders involved in the brand-building process. This integration enables the network to create interactive robust LivingPersonas, 1:1 activation LivingJourneys and Predictive Connect recommendations. EPIC’s continuous, data-driven performance feedback loop enables real-time accountability, continual learning and optimizations to deliver content that is truly never finished.

EPIC informs Living Content, which is the network’s self-sustaining omnichannel content ecosystem engineered to meet the ever-growing need for content delivered in larger volumes, and across more and more channels globally. “This provides scalable and adaptable modular content, optimizing the efficiency of the omnichannel experience,” said Jessica Specker, Executive Director of Global Content Solutions at IPG Health.

“With these revolutionary platforms, IPG Health is uniquely positioned to deliver data and insights that drive exquisite creative content at speed and at scale, the kind of content that changes our customers’ behaviors and leaves them wanting more,” said Julie Pilon, Chief Strategy Officer at IPG Health. “And we do it with the legal governance and compliance that our health and pharma marketers demand.”

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