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With the vigor of in-person meetings and summits coming back after the pandemic, leaders say 2022 was a great year to reinforce JUICE commitment to the global network’s “Collaborative Agency Business Model,” espousing the principles of close partnership, best practice, and opportunity sharing – “all in service of strengthening indie agencies’ abilities to provide country-specific/regional omnichannel solutions that are compliant with local governance, consistent with local practices, and resonant with local stakeholders.”

“We continued on our mission to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of independent agencies across markets, to drive our clients’ business in the most inspired but also effective way,” says Lynn Macrone, Co-CEO of JUICE Pharma Worldwide. “The Global Summit in Amsterdam this fall was amazing proof that the need for this kind of agency model is as high as ever, when it comes to driving integrated strategies and collaborative opportunities around the world. We bring the level of collaboration and responsiveness that oftentimes lacking with traditional holding companies. Our clients came to appreciate this a lot.” 

Recent accomplishments

Staying true to its ‘sweet-spot engagements’ – the trailblazing innovator clients committed to improving upon a significant unmet need in the market when time is of essence – the JUICE Global Network (JGN) partners do not shy away from similar challenges in the global markets either,” says Katya Petrova, chief business officer. “The way our network is organized is particularly suited for biotech companies seeking to establish a regional presence outside of the U.S.” 

According to the leadership team, based on how the clients’ go-to-market planning has been evolving, The JUICE Global Network organized its offerings into three groupings. 

Executives say this offers maximum agility and responsiveness to the clients’ highly time- and regulatory-process sensitive needs. These three levels of services are Discovery Services, Development Services, and Implementation Services.

Discovery Services provides access to local market insights through JGN’s survey platforms, international KOL advisory boards, consumer expertise spanning 30-plus disease categories and 90 industry verticals, and collaborative consultancy boards to solve clients’ international market challenges. Development Services is for co-creating global campaigns, cultural validation, and innovation-focused solutions. 

Implementation Services provides experienced operations and implementation experts who are able to support clients at the global, regional, and local level. Processes are adapted to optimize regulatory-constraints, timing, and budgets. 

And the JGN continues refining partnerships to further strengthen the power of its offerings through alliances with technology platforms, products,   and partners. 

Structure and services

The network now has representation in 40 countries, JGN leaders say, adding that the expansion process has been an ongoing response to client requests. 

The network is the product of longstanding partnerships between JUICE Pharma Worldwide, Worldwide Partners, and The Vivactis Group. Leaders say that the common bond across the network is found in its agency cultures, which place great value on agility, expertise, and unconventional thinking. 

“The nimble approach to launching and nurturing healthcare brands and services has never been more important, with the pandemic driving significant disruption in how health care is delivered,” executives say. “Over the last few years, health became top priority for consumers all over the world, evolving how health care is received. It led to a surge in telehealth and digital healthcare services, which has remained high since the start of the pandemic. 

“When swift response to rapidly changing landscape is needed, an agile-group model is what’s called for. The Worldwide Partners has the ability to organize multiple responsive groups of talent representing scientific, marketing, tech and creative verticals, in service of meeting evolving client needs in the most effective way. “

 Future plans

The JUICE Global Network has been known for its strong thought leadership, what managers call “enlightenment content.”  They say this area will continue featuring network produced and sponsored webinars, virtual roundtables, innovation-focused regional summits, and network whitepapers. 

“Our mission is to stand apart as a source of energy for global healthcare marketers’ brands,” Macrone says. “Whether it’s taking advantage of the latest advancements in AI or orchestrating a world-class launch of an ambitious first-to-market biotech product, our goal always remains 100 percent human-centered design and approach, regardless of geography.”

Juice Global Network

WPI/JUICE Global Network Summit in Amsterdam 2022.