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132 West 31st Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10001 

212-647-1595 • [email protected]juicepharma.com

Quick Facts


  • Account wins: 3
  • Active business clients: 7

Brands by 2022 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 7
  • $25 million or less: 2
  • $100 million-$500 million: 4
  • $1 billion or more: 1

Services mix

  • Consumer digital/web/mobile/print: 25%
  • Consumer broadcast: 25%
  • Professional digital/web/mobile: 15%
  • Sales materials: 15%
  • UX design: 10%
  • Professional print ads: 5%
  • Mar-tech/ad-tech: 5%

Client roster

  • ADMA Biologics
  • Alkermes
  • Biogen
  • Eye Pharma
  • Fore Genomics
  • Impel
  • Telix 

Leaders state that 2022 was the time of evolution for JUICE, which offered the agency an opportunity to reimagine its offerings and strengthen its talent bench. “Always quick to take the pulse and stay sharp on trends, JUICE significantly boosted its CX strategy and digital delivery capabilities, data analytics, and affiliate marketing offerings, while continuing to refine its skills in social and e-commerce,” managers say. 

“One of the key ingredients of our success is the ability to attract and retain the industry talent you might call the ‘agitators’ – talent who crave opportunities to reimagine what we do and build strategies that will make a difference, turning future-state ideas into tangible and purposeful solutions,” according to JUICE co-founders and partners, Lynn Macrone and Forrest King. 

Saying they were keen on juicing up the next chapter of growth, JUICE’s leadership team brought on board Chris Ozanian as the agency’s chief experience officer. He partners very closely with Katya Petrova, another experienced agency hand, who joined as the first-at-JUICE chief business officer, in charge of innovation, growth and overall business performance. 

Managers say that nowhere was this fine-tuned integrated offering more on display than the launch of a groundbreaking genetic testing product, where JUICE served as both commercial and communication-
strategy partner, ultimately fully executing the go-to-market campaign. 

“What made this launch a success is our commitment to be a true extension of the marketing team,” Petrova says. “Embedded in the day-to-day decision and development process allowed us to stay a few steps ahead of the events, build and pressure-test hypotheses, and execute with agility.”

“There is little more rewarding for an agency partner than being able to orchestrate and bring a solution to the market that creates a better health experience,” Ozanian says. 

Recent accomplishments

Trudhesa, Be Direct

The Trudhesa branded consumer campaign, Be Direct.

One of the defining characteristics of JUICE is its ability to scale and flex, without losing the essence of what we do best – bringing experience, passion, agility, foresight, and a lean-in mindset to every task in building and deploying needle-moving work,” Macrone says.   

“We have a number of assignments with the clients we like calling ‘brave trailblazers,’” Petrova says. “Movers and shakers in their own right, they are bringing to market the assets which purpose is to improve upon a significant unmet need, by bringing innovation to seemingly known solutions.

“These are the assets that have been boldly reimagined to narrow the gap in consumer health experience in some most challenging categories, such as mental health, chronic migraine or imaging. And what we strive to deliver for these high-profile high-challenge products is the combination of experienced leadership, depth of subject matter expertise, operational effectiveness, and high-touch client service.” 

According to leaders, the team revved up its growth engine by adding three new clients to its roster, in categories ranging from nutraceuticals to immunodeficiency to genetic testing. 

“We remain dedicated to work that’s built to drive improved outcomes and lasting relationships,” Ozanian says. “Incorporating feedback and insights from patients and HCPs can lead to more innovative and effective healthcare solutions, driving better health outcomes and improving quality of life. This approach can also increase trust, satisfaction, loyalty, and recommendations, creating value for customers and driving business success in the healthcare industry.”  

Structure and services

HCP, patient, and consumer promotion and education remain at the core of JUICE’s business, managers state, adding that orchestrating the evolving legacy in these domains into a thoughtful, integrated execution has always been a point of pride for the agency. “Bespoke model of engagement is what we offer to our client,” King says. “And we will continue to evolve this following the principles of experience economy.” 

Building on the need for a well-orchestrated experience to drive change in customer behavior, Ozanian notes, “Human-centered design has been, by definition, at the core of the pharmaceutical brands, but focusing on it as a driver of positive customer experience with the products and services has become even more critical in recent years. That’s why we are so keen here at JUICE not just to create visceral creative campaigns but to continue partnering with our clients in envisioning and building omnichannel strategies.”

Omnichannel strategy and implementation has been a hot topic in pharma in the past few years, managers say. “We work side by side with clients from insight to implementation, to help them establish the frameworks and deployment plans, as they navigate a shift from multi- to omnichannel,” King says. “The spirit of staying infinitely curious and constantly engaged with what’s next for our clients is what will continue to propel us forward.” 

According to leaders, while implementing innovative ways of working is paramount to sustainable growth, JUICE still counts B12, its acclaimed multimedia studio, as one of its “secret weapons.” Led by Michael Kaminski, senior VP, director of production, B12 has been called upon many times when world-class video and immersive content must be created quickly and efficiently, executives say.

“During the pandemic, we pioneered some new techniques that enabled us to conduct high quality video shoots with a variety of subjects, including busy KOLs,” Kaminski says. “The results were outstanding and are now part of the standard deliverables we offer.”

Future plans

2023 is a year of growth for JUICE, leaders maintain. “We will continue building on our legacy of strong client partnerships and industry firsts. But we do not want to get comfortable with old playbooks,” Macrone says. 

“We always stood for energy,” King says. “The energy of never settling, of exploring, and reinventing.” 

The JUICE team is planning on continuous investment into top-industry talent, deepening its expertise in social and CX, and producing human-centric creative work that makes a difference for the brands that are not afraid to challenge the market and take a stand. 


Human centricity is not just a catchy marketing label for us,” Kaminski says. “Our philanthropy work and internship program are the soul of the community engagement here.”

According to Kaminski, JUICE brought its craft to support such organizations as Little Flower,  NYC SALT, and Hidden Warriors. “Our ability to bring the healing and nurturing power of art to these communities is a privilege we treasure,” he says. 

Kaminski adds that he has also been leading a very successful internship program, spanning all agency disciplines. “We’ve had great fortune to see our interns enjoy the experience so much so, that they come back as full-time team members and continue to grow here with JUICE, keeping it as vibrant and current as ever.”

JUICE Pharma

(left to right) Forrest King, founding partner; Katya Petrova, chief business officer; Lynn Macrone, founding partner; Chris Ozanian, chief experience officer