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Klick Health 2023

Klick Health 

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Quick Facts

Klick Health, The Bridge

Winner | Best Philanthropic Campaign
“The Bridge” is inspired by a true story about a man who is struggling with his mental health after being left by his wife, and, in parallel, a story about a dog abandoned by his family and left on the streets of NYC. As these two characters experience lives filled with rejection, we see their paths cross and a quiet bond begin to grow. The film explores how this connection ultimately saves both of their lives.

Services mix

  • Professional (marketplace/sales)
  • Consumer (Rx)
  • OTC/wellness
  • Relationship marketing/direct
  • Media planning + buying (consumer/professional)
  • Medical strategy & affairs
  • Medical education (on label, non-CME type)
  • Payer/managed markets/access
  • Venture studio
  • Public health/non-profit/NGO
  • Market research
  • Data/analytics
  • UX design
  • Technology & enterprise enablement (including transformation and organizational excellence)
  • Consulting
  • Social strategy (including social media and influencer marketing)
  • Branding/brand design
  • Corporate reputation/investor relations/public relations
  • Studio production
  • Medical strategy and affairs
  • Commercial solutions


  • Best Philanthropic Campaign


  • Agency of the Year, Category I
  • Most Admired Agency
  • Most Creative Agency
  • Vision Award


Over the years, Klick Co-Founder Leerom Segal has been known to say that Klick Health has been consistently lucky – and that’s never been more true than in 2022,” according to the leadership team. “To say that it’s been a good year for us would be an understatement. It’s been a milestone year – and not just because we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We  announced our global expansion at Cannes, hosted President Barack Obama and some of the most brilliant minds in life sciences at Klick IDX, began setting up shop around the world, and so much more.”

Managers say after a quarter of a century in existence, Klick is still in beta. “We’re still hacking at the boundaries of health for limitless human potential. We’re still growing, innovating, and prioritizing our people first and foremost. All of this in service of our ultimate goal: helping our clients make the world a better – and healthier – place for all.”

Recent accomplishments

In 2022, Klick launched regional hubs in London (EMEA), São Paulo (LATAM), and Singapore (APAC), and is preparing for additional offices in Basel, Switzerland; Buenos Aires, Paris, Munich, and Tokyo. 

Executives say the agency was recognized with 14 best place to work awards, including Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Advertising & Marketing, Best Workplaces in New York, Best Workplaces for Hybrid Work, and Best Workplaces for Professional Development. And several Klick employees won industry awards, including Laura Morrison for the Agency Vanguard Awards and Amy Gomez as a Clio Health Innovator. 

“We continued to experience double-digit growth and exceeded industry averages, a tradition that has helped make Klick Health the world’s largest independent commercialization partner in life sciences,” agency leaders say.

“As we continue along our mission to hack the boundaries of health for maximum human potential, we’re continuing to help both new and existing clients contribute to positive health outcomes.”

Over the past year, Klick worked with leading lifesciences brands that executives say have made life-changing and life-
saving differences to patients. “We are proud of the work we have done in vaccines (HPV, dengue, COVID-19, and pediatrics); diabetes (continuous glucose monitoring, T2D treatment, and hypoglycemia); dermatology (vitiligo and atopic dermatitis); oncology; cardiology; rare genetic disorders; autoimmune disorders; opioid addiction; urology; antibiotics; and other areas.”

The agency welcomed many new clients and expanded its roster beyond pharma and biotech and into health and wellness adjacencies such as aesthetics, psychedelics, stem cell therapies, and probiotics. “And, as a testament to our client obsession and how our clients feel about their partnerships with Klick, more than 90 percent of our growth came from existing accounts.”

In another beyond pharma marketing achievement, Klick managers say the agency’s cross-cultural marketing capability collaborated with its intelligence team and ThinkNow on “Exploring Hispanic Health Attitudes & Behaviors for More Informed Cross-Cultural Marketing,” a first-of-its kind study published in the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, which was highlighted in various press outlets such as BELatina, Latino Rebels, Med Ad News, Fierce Pharma, and MM+M.

The agency also partnered with Phreesia Life Sciences on a joint study of the health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ patients in the United States.

According to the agency leadership team, 2022 was another year of significant developments across the Klick ecosystem. Besides the global expansion, Klick announced new practices and offerings such as corporate reputation, organizational excellence, Klick Sharp Targeting, The Workshop, Klick Brands, Studio K, btwelve, and Klick Influence.  

Klick Sharp Targeting is a proprietary, customizable targeting tool that executives say leverages deep medical knowledge and sophisticated data possibilities to identify and prioritize hard-to-find/understand audience groups, and ultimately drive actionable target segments across all marketing channels.

The Workshop is a new internal creative team that executives say is composed of “Makers, Concepters, Noodlers, and Doodlers to experiment with new ways to create new ideas and elevate work across the industry.” Bernardo Romero, 37-time Cannes Lions, 80-time Clio awards recipient, and former chief creative officer at The Bloc, joined as Maker – a role specially created around his desire to return to creating impactful campaigns and products that positively impact people’s health.

Klick Brands is a health-centric brand and design offering led by Group Design Director Jay Schacher. “Leveraging Klick’s proven success and expertise in helping lifesciences companies commercialize and create solutions that engage and educate people about life-saving treatments, it takes health-
centric brands to a higher level with a health-centric approach,” executives say.

Studio K is led by Executive Creative Producer Laura Denham. Executives say it is “a holistic, proactive, and cost-effective approach that stacks a brand’s content needs into an international and strategically-designed content shoot to expand the amount of content that can be delivered at one time, while simultaneously stretching value for clients.”

Klick Influence is an offering that handles influencer outreach, negotiation, contracting, management, content approvals, moderation, and analytics. And btwelve is described as a unique agency offering that “provides entrepreneurs with commercial expertise and investment to bring emerging concepts to the health market.”

To support growth in Europe and Latin America, Klick welcomed agency veterans Jennifer Lambert and Roberta Raduan as Klick’s first global managing directors. The agency also brought on accomplished global operations professionals Michael Becker, Shaun Chalk, and Catherine MacInnis; welcomed longtime McKinsey & Company lifesciences partner Brian C. Fox as president, commercial solutions; hired veteran healthcare executive Ryan Olohan as executive VP, growth; and welcomed Herman Mallhi as VP, media strategy and planning.

Structure and services

2022 was a year where each of our crafts spent significant time on craft evolution – with a focus on collaboration and the future,” executives say. “The amazing thing about our company, our crafts, and our Klicksters, is that magic happens when a challenge is posed and we all say ‘challenge accepted!’ In 2022, we worked together to evolve our capabilities and help our crafts be better suited to meet and solve our clients’
ever-evolving needs. This required us to expand our aperture and look beyond our typical engagements with a collaborative view and a growth mindset. 

“Each offering – from client success to project management, creative to media, tech to branding, public relations to influencer marketing, celebrity partnership to studio production, activation to field force strategy, enhanced enterprise to media solutions, clinical to corporate reputation, medical affairs to market access – has evolved this year, and it all adds up to Klick’s industry-
leading role as an end-to-end commercialization partner.”

The leadership team says Klick has created a foundation that allows the agency to scale and remain at the top of the game for the years to come.

“Our customer success teams model is core to that foundation,” managers say. “Our multi-disciplinary CSTs focus on a small roster of clients, enabling us to create and nurture close relationships. And it’s those relationships that serve as a springboard for entry into our incredible commercialization offering. 

“Our ability to match an offering to a specific client’s business need is what allows our clients to feel the power and value of our integrated approach at Klick Health. This model also allows us to nimbly adapt to the requirements of our clients and experiment with new service models and processes. Our CST scale model also creates real career opportunities for Klicksters to step forward into leadership positions to help drive their client’s business forward.”

Future plans

In 2023 and beyond, our expectations are high,” the agency leadership says. “The world is going to experience full-octane Klick like never before. Paving the way to the future requires a unique combination of perspective thinking, active reflection, and collaborative evolution – all with the mindset of being better and stronger together. We’re going to keep our clients on the cutting edge, hack past limitations, and be the force in the industry that makes things possible. We see unlimited opportunity to create solutions that help those who are in our orbit achieve incredible things in their lives and in their careers.”

According to managers, Klick will always be in “the future business.” 

“We will keep pushing ourselves, keep delighting our clients with solutions they can’t find anywhere else, and keep integrating in ways that unlock industry firsts. We’ll continue to constantly renew our drive, create higher standards for our work; and demonstrate grit, a spirit of passion, perseverance, and resilience in the face of any challenge. We will continue our future-forward trajectory, adding new practice areas, expanding others, and attracting more top talent companywide to support our ongoing record growth.”

Klick is creating “a truly unified global health footprint with deep digital capabilities that operates in a borderless way,” executives say. “We will continue this massive evolution to make global work and global mindset a huge part of our future. In 2023, we are opening new offices in different locations – like Singapore, breathing new energy and opportunities into our ecosystem, and making Klick an even more exciting place to work in 2023 and beyond. All that, and we’re still in beta.”

Leaders maintain that they will continue to ensure Klick’s employees have the support they need to reach their highest potential. “As we continue to grow, we’re developing more training and development programs, based on ongoing Klickster feedback,” executives say, “At Klick, we like to take a personalized approach to everything and we’ll continue to put that philosophy into our formalized programming.”


Klick Cares is the agency’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. “At Klick, our mission is to make a difference in the lives of others through conscious acts of giving,” executives say. “Through our initiatives, we give Klicksters the opportunity to help select the causes they are most passionate about, placing the power of philanthropy in their hands.” 

Klick employees supported causes such as flood and hurricane relief funds, humanitarian missions, and food banks and shelters for people experiencing homelessness. “Klicksters have continued to demonstrate their passion and tenacity in the face of hard times by speaking up and using their Klick It Forward dollars to donate to charities including IDRF, Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Canada-Ukraine Foundation, LGBT Youthline, Sick Kids, Daily Bread Food Bank, Food Bank of NYC, Philabundance, One Tree Planted, and WWF,” executives say. 

In 2022, the Klick Cares program expanded beyond philanthropic efforts and pro-bono work to include a greater focus on sustainable operations at the agency. “As a company and a member of the global community, we recognize how vital it is for the health of our business, our planet and the people in it, that we continuously challenge the status quo; that we do something different to drive change that is good for all,” executives say.

In 2022, environmental programs and initiatives included net zero achieved by recording energy usage metrics to buy offsets; providing only brown compostable paper towels in all kitchens; providing water in glassware to reduce the use and purchase of plastic water bottles; using LED lighting systems to reduce energy consumption; using separate recyclers for computers versus other disposed electronics; and reducing its computer footprint by deploying a centralized full-office digital signage solution.

With the goal to outsmart sexist social media algorithms, Klick created the short film “Thirst” in partnership with nonprofit podHER. “The film’s creative hinged on using metaphors for female pleasure in order to prevent the film from being flagged or taken down,” executives say. 

Near the end of 2022, Klick created its annual holiday video. “The holiday season can be a lonely time for many seniors – increasingly so since the start of the pandemic – so, in December, we released our ‘Light The Way’ holiday video to encourage people to ‘be the light in someone’s day,’” executives say.  The sentimental three-minute holiday production was created in partnership with the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care (TSCVC) and shines a spotlight on the power of community and connection.

In January 2023, Klick released the short animated film “The Bridge,” inspired by a true story about a man who is struggling with his mental health after being left by his wife, and, in parallel, a story about a dog abandoned by his family and left on the streets of NYC. “Studies have shown that pets provide health benefits linked to our mental and physical well-being, including reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression; and easing loneliness,” executives say. “With COVID-19 triggering a secondary loneliness pandemic, this topic has become increasingly relevant. PAWS NY needed an asset that would stand out from other animal organizations in order to increase donations and volunteers amongst potential donors. The estate of Lou Reed was so touched by the film, they granted us the rights to use his song ‘Perfect Day.’” 

According to the management team, diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just words at Klick. 

“DE&I is a lens through which we want to grow our high-performance talent to continue to build our business,” executives say. Our employee resource groups have done an amazing job building awareness, building community, and building safe spaces in 2022. Inclusion is embedded in everything we do, including our company OKRs.”

In 2022, the agency launched new DE&I learning opportunities through Klick U. 

Additionally, the employee resource groups (ERGs) were created due to the interest and initiative of individual employees. “Our diversity leadership regularly collaborates with ERG leads to create a strategic roadmap to help ERGs guide Klick into an even more diverse and inclusive future,” managers say.

The Klicksters of Color ERG hosted a variety of gatherings throughout the year, including a Lunar New Year celebration, a cooking show and speaker series for Tamil Heritage Month, and a Black History Month discussion with Dr. Ibram X-Kendi, among many others.

The Women’s ERG also hosted Diane J. Horvath, M.D., MPH, FACOG, nationally recognized reproductive justice advocate and the co-founder/medical director of Partners in Abortion Care to speak about the immediate and future impacts of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The Women’s ERG and Mental Health ERG co-sponsored a mental health awareness event featuring René Brooks, founder of Black Girl, Lost Keys and ADHD coach and advocate that addressed neurodivergency.

The Mental Health ERG also hosted a workshop focusing on The Art of Letting Go, facilitated by Full Circle Art Therapy. A professional art therapist taught Klicksters ways to enhance their mental, emotional, spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical well-being.

The Queer ERG held two special Pride events this year. First was Embracing Authenticity Beyond the Gender Binary with Flint, a high school educator, writer, and TikTok Queer advocate, who shared how to find authenticity, and what it’s like to live as trans and non-binary individuals in America. Then it hosted Dear Self: Queer Conversations Across Generations. Our aim was to bring together queer individuals and allies to partake in remembering and shaping a better future in and out of Klick. It also hosted an intersectional comedy night called Night of 1000 Laughs as a way to celebrate laughter as a form of healing, hosted at the Klick Cafe in Toronto and broadcasted live across Zoom.

The Parents ERG hosted various events and conversations, like Creating Healthy Eating Habits with Ahuva Magder, Sleep for Children & Parents, Teaching Consent, Parent Hacks to Make Your Routine Easier, and the Little Klicksters Halloween Contest.  

Klick Health 2023