Klick Health partners with The Vaccine Confidence Project and YouTube on new COVID vaccine video series aimed at Gen Z + Millennials

Alien babies? Scary ingredients? Gen Z and Millennials are being inundated with misinformation around COVID vaccination.

Klick Health and The Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (VCP) are trying to change that by reaching 18-30 year olds on a platform they use regularly: YouTube.

YouTube, VCP, and Klick Health have partnered on the new YouTube video series Community Unitywhich has modernized the approach to vaccine PSAs using storytelling, fun animation, pop-culture references, and relatable characters to relay accurate information and combat misinformation in a way that is compelling to this audience.

David Bowen, Klick Health’s Head of Policy & Advocacy said, “Public health messages often have a familiar style: an expert talking head earnestly discussing the facts. That style can be effective for some audiences, but to reach a wider audience in a compelling and authentic way, we took a different approach with Community Unity. By using conversational narrative, a distinct visual style, and humor, we’re trying to engage young people in a global discussion about vaccines that will help equip them with the information they need to keep themselves and their communities safe.”

Community Unity identifies and then answers the most widely Googled questions people have about the COVID-19 vaccines in a unique way.

“The Vaccine Confidence Project has been at the frontlines tackling misinformation and vaccine hesitancy for years, and they have been an essential resource for healthcare organizations all over the world in supporting the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines,” said Dr. Garth Graham, Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health Partnerships, YouTube. “This video series from VCP brings together the best of their scientific expertise with the best digital communication strategies from Klick Health to meet young people where they are, in the language that is most engaging and accessible to them. It’s smart public health tactics, brought to YouTube’s scale.”

The 12-episode video series, which premiered yesterday (Wednesday, November 10) and rolls out through Christmas, leverages the Vaccine Confidence Project’s trusted global public health & vaccine authority, YouTube’s reach, and Klick Health’s creative & communications expertise to modernize the traditional way of combating vaccine misinformation.


Episode 1: “What is Community Unity?”

This introduction to the video series explains what community immunity means, and how it gives us the opportunity to protect everyone.

Upcoming episodes in the 12-part series will cover “Pregnancy and COVID Vaccines,” the ingredients in the vaccines, and the vaccines’ effects on babies in “Let’s Get Vaxxed, Baby,” which tells a story from a baby’s POV.

Episode 2: “Do COVID-19 Vaccines Affect Fertility?” 

This episode answers one of the most Googled vaccine questions in the world: Do COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility? It features a conversation between sisters Tina and Tanya. Tina says she is undecided about getting the vaccine, as she is worried about whether or not it will affect her ability to get pregnant and/or have a healthy baby. Tanya gives her the facts – the vaccines won’t cause alien babies or miscarriages.

Episode 3:  “COVID-19 Vaccines Vs. Variants” 

It’s “the jab from the lab; the defender of immune splendor” versus the “ragin’ contagion” in this boxing-themed episode that answers one of the most Googled vaccine questions in the world: What is a COVID-19 variant? It shows COVID-19 “getting swole,” and explains, from COVID-19’s POV, that “the longer you wait to vaccinate, the more time I have to keep changing, shifting, and infecting as many immune systems as possible.”