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TORONTO, ON/NEW YORK, NYSeptember 25, 2018Klick Health’s growing commercialization partner portfolio is proud of the successful exit of Circulation, one of Klick’s first incubation initiatives.

Circulation has announced it is being fully acquired by LogistiCare Solutions, LLC, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation broker. The move will significantly advance LogistiCare’s central mission of reducing transportation as a barrier to healthcare.

“We are proud to have co-founded Circulation with John Brownstein, Robin Heffernan, and Jared Hawkins and taken Circulation from a visionary idea to an organization that has disrupted the healthcare transportation model and provides tremendous value to patients, healthcare professionals, institutions, and payers alike,” said Klick Co-Founder and CEO Leerom Segal. “We are confident that with LogistiCare, Circulation will continue its exponential growth trajectory and take patient satisfaction, appointment adherence, and cost savings to greater heights. At Klick, our commercialization partner model remains focussed on introducing transformative concepts to the health and wellness landscape.”

Working to help improve the wellbeing of patient populations with its proven commercial, scientific, medical and technological expertise, Klick recently announced other innovations poised to help transform healthcare.

Earlier this year, together with Boston Children’s Hospital, the company unveiled the HealthVoyager™ medical education and patient experience platform – a Proof of Concept that uses virtual reality technology to bring patients’ individual medical findings to life in a deeply personalized, immersive, and 3D environment. The first iteration of the tool, HealthVoyager™ GI, has been designed for pediatric gastrointestinal (GI) patients and is being used at the hospital as part of a clinical study to validate its effect on patient as well as family understanding, engagement, satisfaction, and improved outcomes.

 Klick is also using data science to improve the state of healthcare. Last month, the company announced it had developed algorithms that could lay the groundwork for assessing blood glucose levels 30 minutes into the future for people with Type 1 diabetes. Its research was presented at the 3rd International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare Data at the 2018 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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