Lasso and CMI Media Group Announce First-To-Market Partnership with IBM Watson


Lasso and CMI Media Group announce first-to-market partnership with IBM Watson

AUSTIN, Texas, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lasso (, the world’s first and only omnichannel platform for healthcare marketing and analytics, and CMI Media Group, WPP’s healthcare media specialist, today announced their successful partnership with IBM Watson’s Advertising Accelerator to bring hyper-personalized media campaigns to clinical audiences, increasing drug awareness, engagement and prescription writing behavior.

IBM Watson’s Advertising Accelerator uses AI to predict and serve ad units in real-time with the creative elements that are most likely to drive action among each audience, based on key signals like Designated Marketing Area, device type, and time of day. CMI Media Group ran this first-of-its-kind campaign from Q4 2021 to Q2 2022, leveraging the Advertising Accelerator and Lasso’s end-to-end healthcare marketing and analytics capabilities to deliver intelligent optimizations and real-world measurement across programmatic channels. 

The brand utilized various targeting parameters such as first-party and third-party healthcare provider (HCP) audiences including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Physician Assistants (PAs) treating and diagnosing the conditions of interest. Lasso’s unique in-house Identity Solution allowed the campaign to maintain maximum audience quality, reach, and scale. Lasso also reidentified the audiences after they were exposed to media, enabling them to deterministically attribute real-world prescribing behaviors to each of CMI Media Group’s advertising tactics. 

Overall, the combination of audience penetration, creative media, and real-time optimizations drove a 151% increase in conversion rate to the brand’s site and a 40% increase in CTR compared to previous campaigns. Lasso provided weekly gross Rx reporting and completed a Net Impact Analysis, revealing a significantly positive impact of media exposure on prescription writing activity and new HCP and patient conversion to the brand.

These results showed that this pilot campaign fueled significant growth for the brand, proving that the marketing collaboration between Lasso, CMI Media Group, and IBM Watson delivered an innovative solution resulting in increases in scripts and engagement across their target audiences.

“We are excited and honored to be a key player in this first-to-market partnership with CMI Media Group and IBM,” said Greg Field, CEO of Lasso. “This successful campaign and our ability to granularly measure its impact on prescription activity is a huge win for the healthcare industry at large. We’re now able to ensure that brands can reach the right audiences, at the right time, in the right place, with the right messaging, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.”

“This first-in-pharma partnership brought our client industry-leading excellence in targeting, data, personalization, and measurement, allowing us to drive deeper and more meaningful engagements with our HCP audiences. We are committed to innovation that improves patients’ lives, and look forward to continuing on this path given the incredible success of the pilot,” said Cliff Covey, SVP, Digital Activation, CMI Media Group.

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Lasso is the world’s first and only omnichannel healthcare marketing and analytics platform that allows you to plan, activate, and measure your HCP and patient-focused campaigns across programmatic, social, email, endemic and connected TV — all in one place. Lasso has offices in New York, NY, and Austin, TX. 

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