Lasso’s Endemic Marketplace unlocks elusive HCPs for biopharm communications


Lasso’s Endemic Marketplace unlocks elusive HCPs for biopharm communications

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lasso (, an end-to-end operating system for healthcare marketing and analytics, today released the powerful results of an exciting HCP campaign with BioPharm Communications leveraging Lasso’s Premium Endemic Publisher Marketplace for a leading brand of heart disease medication.

In May, Lasso launched their Publisher Suite and Endemic Marketplace to provide the ultimate end-to-end solution for the healthcare communications industry. Since then, the platform has delivered priority access to top publisher inventory from GoodRx, Haymarket Medical Network, The BMJ, GlobalRPH, Radiopaedia, and many more for their agency and brand partners.

Since BioPharm’s offering involves creating individualized experiences for targeted HCPs from a clinical perspective, they knew they would benefit from expanding their programmatic reach to additional endemic placements for more preferred content consumption. Their typical channel mix includes email, print, paid social, and programmatic media, and for the campaign mentioned they were able to utilize Lasso’s Endemic Marketplace to enhance their programmatic media placements. The overall goal with this channel expansion was to improve reach, media engagement, and real-world impact attributed to serving 3rd-party branded ads to targeted physicians who were traditionally not found on the open internet. In addition, this would provide a more educational and relevant experience, without feeling overly promotional with brand messaging.

Leveraging Lasso’s Endemic Marketplace, BioPharm achieved an incremental HCP reach of 1.76%, surpassing Lasso’s average benchmark for endemic campaigns by almost 70%. This means the brand was able to engage with a significant number of net new HCPs that would have otherwise not been addressable via non-endemic sites. Lasso’s built-in Measurement Suite also uncovered the impact of endemic media exposure on real-world actions. When compared against a qualified control group of unexposed counterparts, HCPs who were exposed to the campaign wrote 29.6% more new prescriptions and onboarded 27.8% more new patients to the brand. These results prove that expanding an omnichannel strategy to include endemic websites creates a stickier and more contextually relevant experience for HCPs and patients who use them, leading to increased prescription writing activity and better patient outcomes.

“By seamlessly powering both endemic and non-endemic campaigns from a single platform, we enable marketers to create impactful brand experiences that feel more educational and relevant to their audiences,” said Eric Shih, Chief Growth Officer at Lasso. “The results we were able to provide for BioPharm signifies a huge opportunity for all healthcare brands to maximize the value of their marketing investment.”

“Lasso’s Endemic Marketplace provided a great opportunity to supplement our current programmatic strategy with placements on contextually relevant sites and publications,” said Kaitlyn Maisano, Associate Director of Media at BioPharm. “By doing so we were able to successfully acquire additional HCP touch points and drive further engagement with our client’s digital messaging.”

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BioPharm Communications is an award-winning, market-leading, innovative omnichannel solutions provider. For nearly 20 years, BioPharm has leveraged a proprietary data-driven approach to omnichannel campaigns focused on the most valuable target HCPs for pharma and biotech brands. Visit us at

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