Launch of Ipsos PersonaBot, a groundbreaking AI-powered solution to enhance segmentation research


Launch of Ipsos PersonaBot, a groundbreaking AI-powered solution to enhance segmentation research

Paris, July 8th, 2024 – Ipsos, one of the world’s leading market research companies, announces the launch of Ipsos PersonaBot, an AI-powered tool that allows organizations to ‘converse’ with personas representing their target segments. Developed as both a consumer solution and a solution for the healthcare sector, Ipsos PersonaBot is powered by Ipsos Facto, the Group’s generative AI platform.

Designed to augment the utility and value of segmentation studies, Ipsos PersonaBot uses AI to enable stakeholders across the organisation to interact with the personas identified in their segmentation study as if they were real people. Via a secure portal, they can ask questions about everything from attitudes and behaviours to communication needs to preferences regarding messages and channels – and probe further for deeper insights. Personas can be questioned individually or together, in the style of a focus group.

Christophe Cambournac, Global Head of Service Lines at Ipsos, commented: “The launch of Ipsos PersonaBot is a further step in leveraging the power of AI to help our clients make faster and smarter marketing decisions. We are proud to be ahead of the game in terms of AI in the market research industry, and to be able to provide a new dimension of insights and increased ROI for our clients.”

While segmentation studies have the potential to support an array of marketing activities, many companies find it challenging to realise their full potential. Ipsos PersonaBot addresses this challenge by widening internal access to the segmentation, expanding its uses and applications, increasing stakeholders’ engagement levels and, ultimately, augmenting the depth of insight delivered.

The consumer version of PersonaBot can be leveraged by virtually any manufacturer or service provider. Healthcare PersonaBot has been developed specifically to support the activation of healthcare segmentations and was developed in accordance with healthcare regulatory requirements.

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