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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lions Health Takeaways from Rob Rogers

Written by: | | Dated: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


By Rob Rogers
Co-CEO the Americas
Chief Creative Officer
Sudler & Hennessey



After two years of judging this show, it was interesting and comparatively relaxing to be an attendee at this year’s Lions Health.

I thought the new location and session formats worked pretty well, and most delegates I met seemed pleased that healthcare was given its own dedicated space, once they could find it that is!

The excellent calendar of sessions reflected the diversity and increasingly expanding boundaries of what may be included as part of our healthcare remit. Correspondingly, a mind-boggling array of topics, from personal perspectives to the use of technology for diagnosis were presented, discussed and evaluated.

But whilst the content of the show had certainly grown richer, pleasingly with more clients in attendance; after viewing the winning work, I must confess to feelings of disappointment. Creativity, in the midst of all this excitement has slid sideways. For sure one or two pieces stood out, but I felt the majority of the work seemed to fall a little short of the mark, particularly from the US who were awarded only 7 percent of the pharma medals. But these are still early days, and we continue to push for work that is brave and bold; would that a few more U.S. clients would allow themselves to be seduced by a strong and memorable idea.

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