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Quick Facts

Client roster

  • AbbVie
  • Allergan
  • Bayer
  • Cynosure
  • Galderma
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Nestle
  • Organon
  • Pfizer
  • Sanofi
  • Tarsus Pharmaceuticals

For the earned marketing agency Lippe Taylor, 2022 was marked by new clients, new offerings, and new technological developments, the leadership team says. 

Recent accomplishments

According to leaders, the agency is the creator of earned marketing. “We help clients figure out not just what they should say, but what they should do to earn growth,” executives say. “Then, we help them tell the world what they’ve done. It happens through a frictionless process of strategic intelligence, creative ideas, and fully integrated audience engagement.”

In 2022, one of Lippe Taylor’s biggest innovations was the technology platform to support the agency’s Culture Questing team. Managers say this dashboard pulls from a curated list of social handles, forums, and subreddits that have been proven to originate new trends in internet culture, with software that tracks these sources, makes them searchable, and identifies topically relevant opportunities for clients.

Executives state another significant innovation for the agency was the development of its scientific credentialing capability, which was spearheaded by Christy DeSantis, the former head of HCP credentialing for Unilever.  

Lippe Taylor also launched Media SERP analysis, a new software application that enables the agency’s data scientists to develop keyword profiles encompassing every possible iteration of relevant search phrases, and then automatically identifies the news articles that have the strongest search presence across these hundreds or thousands of search phrases. The top articles are then amalgamated and displayed at the outlet level to determine which news outlets have the greatest likelihood of occupying a top search result if the agency lands a client article with them.  

Managers tout several accomplishments. For AbbVie, the agency discovered that people who use Botox are 30 percent happier about their birthdays. The agency then launched a nationwide celebration for Botox’s 30th birthday. 

For Impel Pharmaceuticals’ launch of Trudhesa, Lippe Taylor leaders say the agency demonstrated that pharma launches can succeed with a consumer-led approach.

The agency helped Pfizer spread its “Science Will Win” campaign message on TikTok, which executives claim led to 13 million video views and a first-of-its-kind campaign for healthcare on that platform. Executives claim that these influencer videos were viewed 13 million times by Gen Z.

Lippe Taylor helped launch the Flintstones Vitamins “Kids Grow Best campaign,” which partnered with mom and dad influencers to celebrate kids and their unexpected comedic genius by capturing their candid advice about how growing up takes strength, executives say.  

For One A Day, Lippe Taylor used the information that internet searches for “gratitude”  have increased nearly six-fold since the start of the pandemic, and helped create the Gratitude Project, a movement to inspire acts of gratitude that go beyond feeling gratitude to actually practicing it. One A Day produced “The Gratitude Project” documentary short, which premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. 

Midol, The Real Reason

Midol, the No. 1 period relief brand, wanted to support menstruators in helping them realize that there is no shame in bowing out of commitments, because period symptoms are a Real Reason. The experiment, a purpose-led campaign called The Real Reason, shows reactions from friends, family, school, and work to real menstruators “calling out” of social commitments due to period symptoms instead of using a fake or more “acceptable” reason.

For Bayer Consumer Health and Midol, “we empowered another generation of menstruators to overcome the cultural menstrual stigma by opting out of social commitments when their period symptoms got too intense and using ‘The Real Reason’ instead of using a fake or more ‘acceptable’ reason”, executives say. This campaign won several awards, including PR Week’s Best in Healthcare, Best Content, and Best in Broadcast/Film/Video, and MM&M’s Best Use of PR (Gold) and Best Use of Social Media Organic (Gold). 

Other awards earned by the agency include Outstanding Agency, an honorable mention for Bayer’s “Second Chance,”and Best Healthcare Product Launch for Bayer’s AleveX from PR Week; and MM&M’s PR Agency of the Year (Gold), Best Midsize Healthcare Agency of the Year (Silver), Best Product Launch (Gold) for Trudhesa, and Best Use of PR (Silver) for Bayer Consumer Health’s “Aspirin’s Most Meaningful Melody.”

Structure and services

Lippe Taylor’s client base is centered on wellness and includes biopharma, aesthetics, food and nutrition, and lifestyle categories.
The agency’s capabilities include KOL/spokespeople/brand ambassadors; social media content strategies and activations; regulatory milestones and scientific storytelling; scientific credentialing; prescriptiong drug & OTC launches; FDA approvals; disease/condition awareness and education; medical meetings/data and milestone publicity; HCP and DTC campaigns; measurement, data, and analytics; pricing/value; patient advocacy; stakeholder mapping; corporate positioning; brand identity; and web design.

Lippe Taylor’s headquarters are in New York City but employees live in 21 different states, with offices operating or waiting to open in Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and London, executives say.


Coming off a period where we doubled the company in two years, we expected people to need a breather,” executives say. “We were still in growth mode, but knew people would need extra support as they returned to normalcy at home and built relationships with so many new people at work. Therefore, this year our primary objective was for employee and client retention with a goal of 85 percent retention for both, while preserving the culture that has made Lippe Taylor so special. In pursuit of these goals, we set a further target of continuing to increase the diversity of our staff, with a commitment to improve our ethnic diversity by at least five percent.” 

According to agency leaders, efforts to meet these goals crossed every corner of the company – from HR and IT, to creative and client services. “We deliberately lowered our profit expectations from the start of the year to support hiring ahead of the curve and giving people time off,” managers say. “Then, we pushed mandatory vacation when people weren’t using their unlimited PTO. We also opened a ‘house account’ at a nearby Mexican restaurant where employees could hang out for free, and we commenced our second annual All Employee Summit to foster relationships between our virtual employees.”

To support people at career milestones, Lippe Taylor expanded its Leading Edge coaching program, and leaders say 83 percent of participants described the experience as “game-changing” for their careers.  

“When employees asked for more opportunities to work on pro bono and brand purpose work, we expanded our pro bono roster to add three new clients and put the whole leadership team behind encouraging clients to do more purpose work. Several of these campaigns have won or are short-listed for awards,” the leadership team says.

Leaders say as an agency that was founded by a woman, diversity and inclusion have always been part of Lippe Taylor’s DNA. “In 2022, more than two-thirds of our employees participated in at least one ERG, an overarching effort with tremendous support from agency leadership,” executives say. 

The agency also continued to make progress toward its DEI goals with 39 percent of the workplace identifying as people of color – a six percent increase from last year – and continued delivering against its pledge to donate $1 million in pro bono services to Black-owned businesses supporting social justice. “In fact, we delivered more than $400,000 of work in support of our flagship pro bono client alone,” executives say.

The client, Legal Equalizer, is an app for people of color to manage police encounters. “We branded and relaunched the app this year, leading to more than 300,000 downloads,” executives say, adding that the app’s founder credits Lippe Taylor with his being accepted into TechStars. According to managers, all of these things had a major impact on its employee retention rate of 88 percent, while client retention remained steady at 94 percent.