Fred Kinch launches healthcare advertising agency

Industry veteran Fred Kinch launched a new healthcare communications agency in October. Kinch previously served as managing partner and executive creative director at New York-based healthcare ad agency AgencyRx.

Kinch Advertising LLC is a full-service, mission-built, independent healthcare advertising agency located in Midtown Manhattan. The agency is primarily focused on creating promotions and communications that improve the lives of HCPs, patients, and caregivers. Management also intends to create a nurturing agency environment that takes a holistic approach to supporting its staff.

The leadership team is composed of three seasoned healthcare agency veterans with more than 60 years of experience and successful “intrepreneur” track records. The team has deep specialty experience in oncology, immunology and other rare diseases, which is the largest growth sector for pharma through 2018 according to IMS data.

“First, Kinch is a mission-built company with values firmly rooted in making a difference,” says the founder and CEO. “Much like Patagonia and Kickstarter, currently we’ve committed to donating 5% of post-tax profits to health related charities. And in 2016, we’ll be pursuing Benefit Corporation

status for greater transparency and accountability. Clients see this as a major differentiator among healthcare agencies and more in alignment with their company missions. And second, we’re fast, nimble, and iterative, with project-based billing to promote speed and efficiency. Project-based billing gives clients more predictability in managing their budgets, a greater sense of partnership with the agency, and more senior level agency support. For the agency, it attracts higher caliber talent, encourages people to work smarter, and reduces burnout and turnover. Together these two factors, along with our leadership team, are generating a lot of buzz.”



— Editor’s note: A version of this article ran on on 10/28/2015.