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Merck Manuals underscores importance of One Health approach

Rahway, NJ (February 2023) – Merck Manuals, a comprehensive online medical reference, has developed a microsite,, where visitors can read insightful commentary, watch informative videos, and access relevant association resources related to One Health.

One Health is the concept that the health of humans, animals, and the environment are inextricably linked. Therefore, medical and veterinary professionals as well as those in other scientific, health, and environmental disciplines should communicate and collaborate, instead of working in isolation.

“The One Health approach bridges the gap between human and animal medicine,” said Melissa Adams, director of marketing and brand awareness for the Merck Manuals. “Moreover, it recognizes the role the environment plays in promoting well-being.”

Benefits of One Health integration are:

  • Prevention of outbreaks of zoonotic diseases
  • Improvement in food safety
  • Reduction of antimicrobial-resistant infections
  • Protection of biodiversity and conservation
  • Enhancement of the human/animal bond
  • Advocacy of global health

Merck Manuals’ mission to share accurate medical information is consistent with One Health’s emphasis on collaboration.

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Source: Merck Manuals