Miller and Cowgill Announce Virge Branding

Columbus, Ohio, May 29, 2015—Advertising team Vicki Miller and Keith Cowgill have announced the creation of Virge Branding.

header.logoThe new branding/advertising agency is based on a unique model—developing virtual teams around client projects. According to the agency founders, this model allows clients to access the best minds and talent without carrying the overhead of a full-service agency.

“Now we have an agency that builds the exact team a client needs and nothing more. They use our team for as long as the project requires then we go away until they need us again,” said Miller. “It’s simply the most cost-effective way to work.”

Virge Branding believes it is capitalizing on a growing trend of experienced talent leaving traditional agencies to create smaller or solo enterprises. “At first, Vicki and I joined them—we became part of that trend,” Cowgill said. “Then it occurred to us:  instead, why not join them together?

Building on virtual communications
Through their years of experience in advertising, particularly in health-care, Miller and Cowgill have identified the best talents in digital development, design, brand strategy, social media, public relations, strategic scientific consulting, and more. Using the wealth of communications tools available today, the founders work with clients and talent virtually through Skype and other technologies.

“We no longer have to worry about where our team works,” said Cowgill, “now we only have to worry about making sure we have the best talent available. Our clients really enjoy this new approach.”

“In one way, our goals are the same as always,” said Miller. “Keith and I work closely with the client to create a brand that’s based on a great idea. Then we oversee all of the creative to make sure it all communicates that idea. The only difference is we’re now able to communicate on many channels at once.”

The award-winning creative directors say their secret weapon is project management, which is overseen by industry veteran John Tabor. As Director of Operations, Tabor lends both strategic input while working closely with clients to ensure that budgets and timelines stay on track.

About Virge Branding

Virge Branding was founded by creative directors and agency veterans Vicki Miller and Keith Cowgill to offer clients and marketing communications talent a way to work together virtually. Virge Branding builds virtual teams in response to a client project utilizing the very best independent talents in digital development, design, brand strategy, social media, public relations, strategic scientific consulting, and more.

The company offers clients a “third way” to develop their advertising and branding. Instead of relying on a full-service agency (which can incur costly overhead expenses and varying levels of talent across its services) or multiple boutiques (which can create an inconsistency of design and message), Virge Branding relies on today’s communications technology to provide clients a unique alternative—creating teams that are exactly what clients need, all united to develop a breakthrough brand idea and strategy.