Moon Rabbit

379 West Broadway

New York, NY 10012


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Account wins 9

Active business clients 16

Brands by 2020 sales

Brand-product accounts held 20

$25 million or less 2

$25 million-$50 million 1

$50 million-$100 million 3

$100 million-$500 million 5

$500 million-$1 billion 3

$1 billion or more 1

Products not yet approved/launched 5



HCP advertising 64%

Interactive 21%


Med comms 5%








Centricity Vision

Connective Rx



Tarsus Pharmaceuticals


Since launching in 2019, Moon Rabbit’s rise is nothing short of astronomical,” agency leaders declare. “It continues to solidify its reputation as an independent advertising and marketing agency that consists of a merry band of talents from both the consumer and healthcare space, eager to create powerful brand campaigns for their growing client roster.” 


Moon Rabbit has been boosting its talent pool with senior leaders from both the consumer and healthcare advertising space to strengthen its strategy, creative, and digital, agency executives say. In 2020, the team welcomed Joakim Saul (BBH, Droga5, BBDO, and TBWA) to head the U.S. creative group; Jeff Hughes (TBWA Health and Concentric) as the director of the creative sciences team; Steve Walls (TBWA Disruption Master, Publicis, and BBH) as global head of brand strategy; and Kielley Young (Warner Music and Razorfish) as head of digital strategies. In addition, the agency acquired an award-winning independent design studio with expertise in video and 3D graphics. 

“The chemistry coming from this strange brew of diverse and unique individuals has certainly worked: notable new business wins in the past year include companies like Amgen, Aristocrat, Tarsus, and Astellas,” agency executives say. “With these new clients, Moon Rabbit has found equally daring and enthusiastic partners who want to pursue the same kind of honest strategy and creativity as they do.”

Moon Rabbit continued to nurture its relationship with existing clients such as Roche, Janssen, Allergan, and Juno Therapeutics in 2020, resulting in 31 percent organic growth in business through bigger projects and more partnership opportunities, according to agency leaders. Overall, Moon Rabbit doubled its revenue growth in 2020. 

“The cherry on top of all of this was being nominated for Agency on the Rise at last year’s Manny Awards,” Moon Rabbit leaders say.


The leadership team describes Moon Rabbit as a group of authentic people making authentic work. “It’s composed of individuals who are encouraged to apply their individuality and contribute to the alchemy at the core of Moon Rabbit,” management says. “After all, the agency’s name was inspired by the ancient myth of the rabbit on the moon who blends ingredients into powerful elixirs.”

The agency is led by industry veterans and Managing Partners Michael Banner, John Tenaglia, and James Tinker. Management says the creative department is also stacked with an accomplished group of senior leaders; joining Saul is Creative Director Alejandro Canciobello, a Cannes Lions and Clio Awards judge. 

Moon Rabbit offers a range of services including strategy; creative; design; digital; interactive; customer experience; consumer; health; and brand identity. 

The company has offices in New York, California, and Singapore, with deep experience across both consumer and healthcare brands. 

According to agency leaders, Moon Rabbit believes in work that sincerely and actually moves people. “Sometimes, that means producing work that challenges them, makes them feel things they’re afraid to say out loud, and changes their mind,” agency executives say. “If clients have been looking for creative work that breaks the tired and stubborn narratives typically associated with healthcare advertising, those are the solutions that Moon Rabbit is looking to take on.”

According to Tenaglia, “We have believed from the start that the best kind of creative work is the work that speaks to people’s core beliefs, fears, prejudices, aspirations and desires; and allows people to see the world from a new angle. We believe that in order to make that sort of work, we need two things: the right kind of people; given the genuine permission to be themselves at work and through their work. We’ve built the agency with these types of people, we’ve created an environment where they can thrive, and we’re collaborating with clients who truly want to push their brands into new territories. And we’re seeing the results both in organic growth as well as through adding a number of new client partners in 2020.”

Moon Rabbit is privately held and is owned by its managing partners.

(left to right) James Tinker, managing partner – accounts; John Tenaglia, managing
partner – client services; Michael Banner, managing partner – strategy


Agency leaders say for 2021, Moon Rabbit is laser-focused on creating work that everyone in the agency can be proud of. “That means partnering with clients who want to make authentic work with authentic people. And part of making that happen is to attract talent from different disciplines – from consumer to healthcare and everything in between – to join the Moon Rabbit crew. 2021 and beyond will test the agility and versatility of agencies in providing clients with ideas that speak quickly, elicit an emotion, and visually stand out as pharma brands push even more into digital channels, and that’s why Moon Rabbit will continue to build their digital and design groups in response to this challenge.”


Moon Rabbit is currently working with Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) and its mission to make all animal shelters in the United States No-Kill by 2025. Moon Rabbit is helping BFAS bring the message down to the community level, so that animal shelters nationwide can reduce the killing of more than 1,700 homeless dogs and cats on a daily basis.