Multicultural marketing in pharma, explained


Steve Millerman, general manager at Fingerpaint Multicultural explains just what “multicultural marketing” means and some of the important terms that fall under it, such as health equity, social determinants of health, and diversity. He discusses how the intersection of the elements in multicultural marketing and pharmaceutical marketing evolved into what Fingerpaint calls its unique offering, Pharmacultural. “There are a series of agencies and skill sets that only focus on multicultural marketing without the pharma component, but when they start to operate in the pharmaceutical space, that’s where the skill set stops because you need that rigor of pharma added with multicultural,” says Millerman. “On the opposite end, you have agencies that are pharmaceutical agencies that are great in health care, but they don’t have the depth and the knowledge and expertise needed to execute the strong campaigns and the knowledge of insights needed. The intersection of those two worlds of pharma and multicultural is absolutely critical.”



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