Unique business park will be packed with amenities that focuses on investment in tenant, customer and employee happiness


August 4, 2015 (Kirkwood, N.Y.) – A new type of business park focused on employee satisfaction is making its way to the Southern Tier and will serve as the gateway to greater Binghamton business. Through the vision of founder Dan Babcock and in partnership with local, regional and State government, a $17 million dollar investment will be made to transform over 50 acres of property along Industrial Park Drive into a world class business park packed with amenities focused on connecting culture with productivity. Construction on the project will begin this month and will be conducted over an 18 month period in a couple of phases. The heart of the complex will be located at 265 Industrial Park Drive in Kirkwood. Link Park as well as the IDA are actively discussing with L-3 Communications an extension and firm agreement to maintain their active site at the park. While the new Link Park has already reached majority occupancy, thirty percent of the space will be available for future tenant build out for interested companies at the end of development. Once complete, Link Park will have a number of amenities to bring together the region’s top companies, employees and customers.

The focus of Link Park will be to combine great communal amenities and an environment of teamwork and collaboration to foster more satisfied, productive employees. The E.J. Watson Cafe will serve fresh and healthy breakfast and lunch, a full gym and healthcare center will promote whole body wellness and team building, and a seasonal car start and snow removal service will provide extra comfort for employees during the winter months. With naturally lit workspaces, a state of the art “all hands” meeting space, and a focus on productive collaboration, Link Park will offer newly renovated buildings and a custom-built, modern work environment for each tenant based on their individual needs. In addition, as part of its commitment to the community, Link Park is already partnering with Binghamton University, voted one of the top State schools in the country, to connect young talent with Link Park client tenants. Existing engineering schools and co-ops give Binghamton University students opportunities to obtain valuable industry experience at Link Park. Opportunities exist to build on those partnerships with Binghamton University, Cornell and other area universities and future occupants of Link Park, allowing client tenants to harness the potential of young minds to propel them to future growth and innovation.

The creation of Link Park met with strong interest from regional economic development groups and the State as revitalization of Upstate New York remains a focus. The Southern Tier in particular has faced its share of struggles, seeing companies like Endicott Johnson and IBM disappear as well as the adverse impact of recent casino and fracking decisions. The region continues to show dismal economic statistics with unemployment at record highs and a fleeting population leaving for opportunities elsewhere. Entrepreneur, seasoned real estate investor and Modern Marketing Concepts CEO Dan Babcock, founder of Link Park Associates, sees this as a perfect opportunity to bring hope and prosperity back to the Southern Tier.

“Link Park will be a workplace where employees wake up every day looking forward to go to work. The entire complex will be designed with the satisfaction of every employee, both personally and professionally, in mind. We will spare no expense in making sure that the client tenants, employees and customers are brought together in a space that fosters growth, happiness and productivity. A happy employee is a more productive employee and for a region recovering from challenging economic times, Link Park will be a catalyst for a future filled with revitalization, hope and happiness,” commented Dan Babcock.

Encompassing more than 450,000 square feet of office space and sitting on over 50 acres at the crossroads of three major interstates, Link Park will serve as the gateway to Greater Binghamton business. The first office space of its kind in the area, Link Park provides the cultural foundation to hire and retain world-class employees, and the technology infrastructure to support global businesses. For more information on Link Park and to keep up to date on construction progress, please visit www.businesslinkpark.com.


Primary Contact: Stephen Donnelly, Dynamic Innovation Group, (719) 337-8238 or [email protected]