New typeface hides period education In actual punctuation, circumventing the “Don’t Say Period Bill” In Florida

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New typeface hides period education In actual punctuation, circumventing the “Don’t Say Period Bill” In Florida

PORTLAND, Ore.Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Have you heard of the “Don’t Say Period” bill? In 2023, Florida passed HB1069, a bill which would restrict classroom education for students below ninth grade on human sexuality and reproductive health—this includes conversations on menstruation! The irony is that almost all people with periods get them before high school! The global youth-powered non-profit, PERIOD. decided to take action, because menstrual health education is vital for students.

PERIOD. partnered with OHG’s Purpose Group to take action in Florida through Sans Period—a secret font that replaces period punctuation with period education. Through font downloads and installations by students themselves, the typeface has provided students across Florida with crucial education on menstruation.

“People may think that kids are getting plenty of menstrual health and destigmatized education at home, but often, they’re not. According to our third installment of the State of the Period study, 23% of kids don’t talk about periods at home at all,” explains Michela Bedard, the Executive Director of PERIOD. “That’s why we had to find a smart way to provide this education to school-aged kids.”

Through innovative programming, the Sans Period typeface hides 36 unique menstruation facts in plain sight. They are hidden in the periods themselves and change automatically with every letter and period combination. “Health education is critical for students, especially since so many will not get this education at home. Kids need to know about menstruation before they experience their first period. Period,” says Dina Peck, Chief Creative Officer of the Purpose Group.

The media placement is as smart and sneaky as the typeface itself. In addition to its social media efforts, PERIOD is connecting with students via billboards between 7am and 8am in the mornings when they are enroute to school.

For more information about Sans Period or to download the font yourself, visit:


PERIOD. is a global youth-powered non-profit working to end period poverty and stigma through advocacy, education, and service. PERIOD. annually distributes millions of menstrual products to grassroots organizations serving their communities in need, authors stigma-busting menstrual health curriculum, and equips young leaders to advocate for menstrual equity policies such as the repeal of the tampon tax and mandating period products in public places.

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