The white paper from moddern marketing provides five core principles to help ASC owners and investors understand marketing and healthcare consumers.


moddern marketing (moddern), an award-winning independently-owned integrated marketing agency, has released a White Paper for ambulatory surgical center (ASC) owners and investors entitled “Building a Thriving ASC Through Intelligent Marketing.” The White Paper was developed to help ASC stakeholders understand marketing and how healthcare consumers behave when choosing where to have surgical procedures performed.

The ASC market is growing at an exceedingly fast pace, fueled by the rise in choice and the numerous health and financial benefits that are passed on to patients. ASCs, which were once owned almost exclusively by enterprising surgeons, are now being built and developed by investment companies and hospital systems to diversify their healthcare income and compete for more specialized services. However, this proliferation of locations and surgical specialties also creates a need for ASC’s to differentiate and distinguish themselves especially in the near-geographic region.

The White Paper, “Building a Thriving ASC Through Intelligent Marketing,” leverages real-world experience from a healthcare marketing agency that specializes in ASC marketing. It explores the core principles of how to build a marketing program for sustained success, and provides a useful list of tools and platforms for any ASC stakeholder interested in leveraging marketing for the success of their facility.

The five principles focus on (1) the healthcare consumer, (2) understanding the dynamics of the healthcare market, (3) understanding marketing terminology, (4) using the best channels to reach consumers, and (5) the benefits of partnering with a marketing agency to help.

“We really wanted this White Paper to provide a template for engaging in healthy marketing discussions,” said Nader Ashway, co-founder and Creative Director of moddern marketing, and author of the White Paper. “There’s a lot of mystery surrounding marketing. It’s as foreign a language to surgeons as surgery is to the rest of us. Our goal was to help ASC owners and their partners have useful conversations that could get their facilities moving in the right direction with marketing.”

The White Paper is free for anyone, and can be downloaded at, a resources site for ASC owners and investors. The site also includes an infographic that summarizes the principles contained in the White Paper, and an expansive FAQ section filled with the questions that most non-marketing professionals would likely ask. The agency has also included an opportunity for any ASC ownership group to receive a free marketing assessment for their facility.

moddern marketing is an integrated marketing services agency based in New York City. With roots in direct marketing, the agency is focused on delivering strategy, creative, and media services in both online and offline environments with a watchful eye on effectiveness and driving measurable results. While moddern has clients in a variety of sectors, it began focusing on healthcare in 2013, and has since recruited against that discipline, while growing its client roster.


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